Mary Wollestonecraft's Feminism

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Abstract Mary Wollestonecraft classic feminist text, A Vindication of Rights of Women(1792)object to apply the Ideas of Rights and equality to Women and not just to Men. This article will briefly discuss the connection of jurisprudence with Wollstonecraft text. She always wanted same education for Women as Men because through education one can form their ability to reason. So, Women should also have right to enjoy education, power, influence in social strata just as Men do. This treatise still resonates in feminism and human rights movements. keywords:- Education, Rights, Equality, Society, etc INTRODUCTION Mary Wollestonecraft wrote this treatise to stire values i.e., liberalism and humanitarian because these values form social and political…show more content…
At one point of time, she admits that Men are more brawny than Women counterpart but she also highlights that in modern scenario, mere physical strength was irrelavant i.e., the person who have good rational mind or ability to reason are more important either they are women or…show more content…
Here, feminist thinker donot want to remould the order by placing women above the men, they only desirr to have the freedom so that they can develop their mind rationally.For, men education is a primary and marriage is s secondary but for women marriage is first and last end of life. Liberal Feminist, Mary Astell reliance that men and women are equally capable to mould rationale. God has given to both women and men an intellectual souls so, why they should prohibited to avail it. One of French writer, Condorcet, exhort that women has the capacity to mould reason so they should ,accordingly,provide education. If same rights as men enjoyed were denied to women than it will be an unacceptable tyranny. Every society came across with a same question that whether women has to rely on the justice to bridge the traditional and cultural separation for females between maternal and other functions. There are cases which perhaps exhibit an increased empathy to the women's

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