1902 Education

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Education is the process of essential, worthwhile activities which an individual might engage in for their own benefit (Peters, 1966). While others argue that it is an experience machine – where one could experience anything they wanted (Nozick, 1974). This essay will consist and focus mainly on the 1902 Education, including the aims and origins of the act, the impact of school boards and why they were abolished and how the working class elevated to the middle class due to education and how it benefitted them. Scholarships were made available to encourage students to attend secondary school, this benefitted students who often could not afford education. Also, how the Local Education Authority reformed the structure of the education system.…show more content…
The Charity Commission (which was later replaced by the board of education after the 1902 act), was the main authority figure for secondary education, which depended on private funding (Robinson, 2002). The act enabled Local Educational Authorities to have more power and the county borough and county councils became responsible for elementary education and merged both secondary and elementary together, giving more responsibility to the Local Education Authorities (Sharp & Dunford, 1990, p. 13). Secondary education was focused more on the needs of the middle class and is different from elementary education (Simon, 1977, p.…show more content…
Due to this act, it created a strong structure of educational administration (Gullifer, 1982). It had a huge impact such as the way in which secondary education was developed and the way in which it was viewed. Furthermore, this act gave more power and responsibility to the Local Education Authorities. As a result of this, scholarships, grants and bursaries were introduced. This gave students many opportunities and encouraged them to attend secondary school, giving everyone an equal opportunity, reducing the levels of inequality. Secondary education played a huge role in the development of the 1902 Act which many philosopher’s never fail to discuss such as, Eaglesham, Gullifer and Robinson. It shows how important the act was, despite some of the controversy it caused and how it caused a lot of change to

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