Importance Of Empathy-Accepting Others For Who They Are

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Why is it important to accept your peers for who they are Imagine having something like a disease that makes you different from everybody in your class. In the news article “ A school teaches students to accept those who are different. ” by Linda Saslow, students share their story on how being different from others has affected how people and others interact with them. In the essay “ Empathy-Accepting Others for Who They are.” by Terry Schmitz it states and explains steps to accept your peers. They explain how we should accept people for who they are and how to do it. Treating your peers who are completely different from you in an abysmal way doesn’t make them feel safe about themselves. “ Living with a rare medical disorder and having to take many medications everyday has made it difficult for Laura to cope in middle school, she said, kids are always staring at her why she needs a water bottle and eye drops. For Eddie, He wanted and A on a book report his teacher assigned he and…show more content…
So if we are different we can things of different things and share it. “ How boring would life be if everyone was exactly the same as everyone else in the world? If everyone looked the same, had the same personality, the same interests and the same experiences, we would lose interest in other people pretty quickly. Luckily, each of us has a unique set of qualities and characteristics that make us different. Even though we know that these differences are for the best, sometimes we feel uncomfortable with these differences. We either try to change people who are different or we avoid, or ignore them.” This means that if everyone were the same t will be boring but we are unique we had different characters and choices. Sometimes we want some people to say our answer or think like us but we should remember that we are different and we should allow others to be

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