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A Comical Twist on How the Five Stages of Deployment Impact Military Families According to Lynn Hall (2016), the first stage of deployment is predeployment, this phase “begins when the deployment order arrives and ends when the service member actually departs from the home station” (p. 155). Unfortunately, denial plays a significant role at this time as the spouse can’t believe this is happening to them and him or her must deal with the expectation of possibly losing a loved one even though temporary. Furthermore, anticipation by the whole family builds the closer the deployment date comes, they deal with fear, anger, resentment, confusion, loss of sleep, and hurt, often to the point of establishing an emotional and physical distance between the service member and the other family members (Hall, 2016). Almost, as if the service member was there physically but not emotionally,…show more content…
155). Often during this time arguments flourish, the more heated the argument, the more detached and withdrawn the couple becomes. Jessica Hall’s (2017) version of the twelve stages of deployment for military spouses on is rather comical but true, thus, it seems appropriate to share here. Her first four stages all fit into predeployment, starting with “Stressed to the Max” when everything, she reiterates, everything, turns into a fight. Jessica’s next stage is “Let’s Spend Every Minute Together” this is when the couple gets lovey-dovey and inseparable (Hall, 2017, n.p.). Then her third stage is the “Everything

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