The Pros And Cons Of College

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Today, many high school students and their parents are wondering is college even worth attending. The rate of unemployment in college graduates are increasing, the pay wages for college students are decreasing, and the need for trade workers is still present. Even so, my opinion is that college is a still vital step to further education for a chance at a successful career for some. Trade jobs are great alternatives for those who want to start working as soon as possible or for those who have no desire to further their education. With this being said, college doesn’t just teach students advanced arithmetic, sciences, and literature, it also teaches social skills and networking, which are important skills in a young adult’s life. One could argue that trade jobs and jobs that require physical labor are the worst careers, but today they are great alternatives in place of college. The reason they are so great is because there is always a need…show more content…
It is a proven fact that those with a simple bachelor’s degree are higher priority than those with only a high school diploma, even in jobs that don't require degrees.(Leonhardt) College graduates even get paid more than non-graduates, even if it is a physical labor job. Even construction workers that go to college and graduate get paid more money than those that learn construction by trade. This also allows these college graduates to be able to ascend in a company or field to more important roles and positions.(Leonhardt) With that being noted, students that went straight to work out of high school already know the ropes by the time their high school classmates graduate college, so they can also ascend up the priority ladder due to seniority. At this point you have an educated newcomer and a four year experienced veteran fighting for promotions. They are both fighting the same fight, using two different
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