Importance Of Informal Learning In The Workplace

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CHAPTER 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION This research investigates informal learning among lecturers in their workplace. Section 1.2 is the description about the background of the research and Section 1.3 is the description about the problem statement. Next, Section 1.4 is about the research objectives in this research. Then, Section 1.5 is about the research questions. Consequently, research framework is shown in Section 1.6 and followed as the conceptual and operational definitions in Section 1.7. Finally, significant of this research will be described separate in Section 1.8 and Section 1.9 before making conclusion in Section…show more content…
Moreover, informal learning now takes priority over of formal learning as the main way to keep up-to-date with the current and future work roles (Conner, 2005; Ellinger & Cseh, 2007; Livingstone & Stowe, 2007; Borghans, Golsteyn, & de Grip, 2007; Lohman, 2006). According to Tough (1971), 70% of adult learner in the workplace is learning by itself but not through formal training. Eraut (1994) views on learning in the workplace is an efficiency way compared as formal training especially when employee learning the specific job-related skill and obtaining knowledge. Enos, Thamm Kehrhahn and Bell (2003) concluded that most of the learning that practices in organizations by employees was informal…show more content…
However, the awareness issue for informal learning is a significant impact to the job performance of lecturers which leads them to achieve job satisfaction. Thus, this research is interesting to investigating the informal learning by lecturers experiencing in their workplace. Apart from that, this research is estimated informal learning in their workplace is usual phenomena for lecturers. Lecturers in Malaysia today are facing challenges of producing more and more of competitive graduates who have employability. They must learn with various form in order to develop appropriate skills which make them competency to overcome the challenges. According to Vethamani (2011), lecturer in Malaysia is not possessed formal training before they are appointed as a lecturer in the university. There was only 10% of lecturer in Malaysia had a formal training but the others lecturer is learning through non-formal and informal ways in order to update work role as a lecturer (Wan et al., 2013). Moreover, a computer search via Scopus shows there were slightly more than 6,412 research from 1998 to 2015 which is related with the informal learning. However, only 64 research is study informal learning in university and most of the research is study informal learning with a focus on the student, there was only one research are found within the 64 informal learning research which is a focus on informal learning and the sample is the

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