Teen Depression Problems

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Introduction In this essay, I’ll be discussing the key problems of teen depression. From my report, you’ll learn about what has depression done to teenagers from all around the world. To find the information included in this report, research from online was required. Once you have finished reading this essay, you would see how has teen depression affected people from all around the world. The aim of this report is to prove and inform people of the importance of solving teen depression. You’ll be reading about how it has caused many cases of teen suicide, how it made teens unable to concentrate, and how it would create bad experience and memories which will affect their future life. We’ll start with some background information, the global, national…show more content…
It is indeed an actual kind of sickness, and insists of lingering sadness or apathy along with many other symptoms which lasts for at least two weeks (in a row). It does have the ability to interrupt someone’s daily activities if it grows, for example, it can cause fevers or other different kinds of mental illnesses, including insomnia. Depression is quite a large topic, so we decided to focus on the part teen depression. It is one of the factors that leads toward general depression, and at the same time a big problem to the world. It is said that 90% of suiciding amongst teenagers was caused by mental disease, which is most likely depression. 112 out of 400 children aged 9 to 12 in Western Australia were all assessed to be vulnerable of future…show more content…
Teens who are depressed might talk about suicide and death more than usually, and has risky behavior. Most teen deaths in America happens from depression. There has also been some reports that the relatives of these teens might receive stress from the situation. This is an large issue because if this continues to happen, the rate of depression might gradually become much more higher than what we have now (which is also quite high). The problem has also caused many teenagers to be un-able to focus in class. This would have the result of them getting poor education. Some reasons would be that they have: • “Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much” (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, www.mayoclinic.org, 2016) • “Tiredness and lack of energy, so even small tasks take extra effort” (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, www.mayoclinic.org, 2016) Many teenagers have trouble with thinking, concentrating, making decisions and remembering things due to these problems. Their parents would usually be more angry at their grades due to this instead of their physical and mental health, and might even use violence which can worsen the case of depression for the

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