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  • The Niger Delta Crisis

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    The Niger Delta – the geographical heart of oil production in Nigeria has been a breeding ground for militants and ‚impoverished ethnic groups‛ for some years now. This is because the discovery of oil and its exploitation has ushered in a miserable, undisciplined, decrepit, and corrupt form of ‘petro-capitalism’ which produces conflict accelerating factors. Devastated by the ecological costs of oil spillage and the highest gas flaring rates in the world, the Niger Delta has become a centre of violence

  • The Pros And Cons Of Terrorism

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    Terrorism is a very scary issue that almost everyone all over the world is afraid of it.Extremists artificially manufactured, but not limited to civilian and civilian installations, are incompatible with international moral methods of attack. Since 1990, terrorist attacks have been a severe trend of rapid spread around the world.Terrorism can be made by a group such as ISI or Chechnya and also can be made by individuals such as Bin Laden.The criminals always measure to take suicide attacks to cause

  • Summary Of Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Française

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    The collapse of France during World War II was as abrupt as it was unforeseen. A major work of art that reflected the provocative history of France during the German occupation and the lives of the French captives was that of Irene Nemirovsky’s Suite Française, a book she wrote in 1941. Her portrayal of the women may have been diverse, but it didn’t do justice to the real French women who were left behind to not only serve their families as the men of the household left to serve the country, but

  • Conversion Therapy Research Paper

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    Not All Terrorists Are Muslim Nobody wants to be the soldier captured by terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan, only to spend the next few months enduring a harsh torture. For the estimated nine million American Adults (According to the Williams Institute review of 2011) and countless minors that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered, that fear is a real and prevalent danger in their day-to-day lives. Many Christian extremists force their children to endure conversion therapy in order

  • Narrative Techniques In La Batalla

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    Harkening back to earlier analyses of La batalla, like the one published by Ana M. López in Julianne Burton’s influential collection The Social Documentary in Latin America (1990), Patrick Blaine notes that Guzmán’s film “seamlessly integrate[s] a number of key narrative devices [. . . ] that ma[ke] it a truly innovative project, surpassing the paradigm of the [documentary] genre in the New Latin American cinema movement and indicating the direction he would take with his later films.” Blaine notes

  • Essay On Conflict In A War Zone

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    To what extent does conflict in a war zone affect the development of children? War does a lot of things: it destroys economies, destroys land, ruins relations, but there is also a problem which the global news seem to skip, the welfare of the children in our society1 who need to develop but cannot reach their full potential2 due to the constant fear of getting killed. Children who do grow up in a war zone can struggle enormously during these times. This is because they can be caught in crossfire

  • Cultural Discrimination Assignment

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    World history is taught differently throughout the world, some which are unknowingly bias and others which are not. Through this, our perspective of the world is altered. The topics that have been taught to us possess different meanings and affect us in different ways. As I have travelled throughout my entire life, I have been taught differently. Subjects are taught in different forms, depending on the country and the individual who is teaching the subject. Nevertheless, there has been one prominent

  • Government Surveillance Persuasive Essay

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    main source for recruits, funding and information, so limiting their access to the internet can prove effective in countering terrorists. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the question if government surveillance is necessary to counter terrorism. To do this, first techniques employed by the government for surveillance will be delineated. After that, the ways terrorists use the internet to spread their messages and agenda will be described. Then to present an alternative point of view, effective

  • Justice In The Face Of Terrorism

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    enemies, justice will be done” (Bush). This shows that committing an act of terrorism and then pursuing justice are synonymous. Justice is an avenue for nations, victims, and their loved ones to find closure and make sure those who violated the Law of Armed Conflict (LAC) and/or International Humanitarian Law (IHL) pay for what they have done. Justice in the face of terror is identifying the people who perpetrated acts of terrorism and then confronting those perpetrators, and demanding reprisal. The

  • Essay On Modern Terrorism

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    result of rising trends in terrorism. Confronted with one of the most brutal forms of violence, a suitable or adequate response to terrorism is still to be framed, even as a proper context of evaluation and a sufficient understanding of its causation and methodology remain elusive. The uniqueness of terrorism lies in its complex inner dimensions, its continuous and rapid adaptations, and its wide variations across different theatres. Significantly, the transformation of terrorism over the past twenty years