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  • The Importance Of Fanaticism In Pakistan

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    more positive view of Pakistan in the international community and has catapulted us in the right direction of economic growth and prosperity, if we ignore the needs of our educational department we cannot move forward as a nation. The war against terrorism can be won if guns and bombs are replaced with pens and

  • Essay On Political Correctness

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    “The Problem with Political Correctness” Although trying to preserve people’s feelings is undoubtedly a good thing, political correctness has created this all encompassing idea that feelings are all important. In many cases explored later in this essay, feelings are preferred over reality and objective fact. Fat pride movements are evidence of the idea of feelings over reality. Fat pride movements essentially are just there to make fat people feel better about being fat. People don’t want to accept

  • Essay On Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

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    know that there is a group of people in the United states that want the Government to strengthen gun laws even though that would violate our constitution right to bear arms. People want to strengthen gun laws to protect the people and try to end terrorism. When come to find out gun laws have been strengthened many times in our nation's history. On Friday, December 14, 2012, cauas wrang out in Newtown Connecticut when an elementary school by the name of Sandy Hook was broken into. There was a shooter

  • Ethnic Displacement In Pakistan

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    Ethnic cleansing in some states has displaced people however the case of Pakistan is relatively different. Displacement is a result of military operations against terrorists, terrorism being phenomena that has had debilitating effects on Pakistan economically, socially and internationally. Terrorism and counter terrorism has cost the country a lot in monetary terms and therefore to eliminate the threat militarization was necessary however the resulting displacement is of much concern to government

  • Essay On Government Surveillance

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    main source for recruits, funding and information, so limiting their access to the internet can prove effective in countering terrorists. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the question if government surveillance is necessary to counter terrorism. To do this, first techniques employed by the government for surveillance will be delineated. After that, the ways terrorists use the internet to spread their messages and agenda will be described. Then to present an alternative point of view, effective

  • Illegal Migration In Bangladesh

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    independence. But today Assam is one of the poorest States of the country with its per capita income less than 60% of the national average. A hoard of issues like natural calamities, industrial backwardness, insurgency, terrorism, mass poverty, ethnic tensions and clashes, terrorism, unemployment, serious financial crisis, geographical isolation and so on and so forth have resulted in such a situation. Further, a series of wars with neighbouring countries namely Indo - China in 1962, Indo - Pak war

  • Donald Trump Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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    feeling of hope in his audience over the harm International trade pacts and terrorism have done to America. First, Trump says clear nationalist lines with respect to International trade pacts: “We will follow two simple rules; buy American and hire American.” Secondly, he tries to overpower an entire group of individuals: “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth.” Besides utilizing

  • Edward Snowden Persuasive Essay

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    through collecting and storing data obtained from but not limited to citizens’ phone calls and internet use. This method has been deemed by governments and organizations that employ it as necessary in dealing with national issues such as fighting terrorism and protecting national security; however, it has often been criticized for its violation of privacy rights and is even illegal under some constitutional systems. In June 2013, Edward Snowden [3], a former senior data analyst at the United State

  • Social Factors Of Immigration In Canada

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    There are many immigrant security problems such as law knowledge, police problems, and connections to terrorism problems. There are many problems with the lives of immigrants and how it affects other Canadians. These problems might not be as big as the other ones, but they are still something you should consider. Immigrants can have troubles with social norms

  • Water Pollution Problems In Egypt

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    Weakness Despite privatizations, the inefficient and loss-making public sector remains ubiquitous in some sectors. In addition, the rapid population growth continues to curtail the improvement of the standard of living for Egyptians. In fact, the country registers a delay in its infrastructures in which current investments are not able to make up for. Other obstacles to investment include excessive bureaucracy, a shortage of skilled labor, and limited access to credit, slow and cumbersome customs