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There have been an abundance of theories orbiting that all of the Black Mirror episodes are associated. The theories chiefly state that the episodes occur in the same universe and simultaneously. These theories are compatible, because most episodes have easter eggs, hidden bonus feature that the viewer might not notice, from previous episodes. Black Mirror is a science fiction futuristic series, which mostly shows the dark side of humanity. They do not specify what year it is set in, however it is apparent that is far into the future. It features many futuristic devices that we could potentially see in the future. It additionally features complications that we have at present time, but could exacerbate in the future, if there is no change.…show more content…
Next door to the deteriorated gas station is a museum, called the Black Museum. She goes up to the door knocks and is greeted by the owner of the museum, Rolo Haynes. He gives her the a tour of the museum featuring all kinds of items from crimes. He gives the back story of a couple items before showing her the main attraction. The main attraction being the consciousness of a man unjustifiably convicted of murder, who gets the death penalty. The point of the attraction is for patrons to be able to pull the lever for the electric chair. The museum was a popular attraction for a long time due to the nature of the museum. It is brimming with crime artifacts from terrorist attacks, murders, and political attacks. Each of the items has a narrative behind it. The owner of the museum, would bring patrons item to item explaining to them the stories behind the…show more content…
There are three items that stood out in this episode; a drone from “Hated in the Nation”, the masked man from “White Bear”, and Carlton Bloom from “National Anthem.” The drone was used in a massive terrorist attack in season three. These drones were fashioned in place of bees, and were used to pollinate plants. The drones eventually were hacked and used to kill specific targets who would be voted the most disliked person after a set period of time. At the end all of the drones are used in a massive onslaught to kill every person who voted for people to die. The masked man in “White Bear” was a man who hunts down a woman, who has no idea what is going on. She is surrounded by people whom she begs for help, but they do nothing. Later in the episode we learn that she is responsible for the bereavement of a child and this is her retribution. The people whom she begged for help were customers at an amusement park that served as a prison for these people who committed crimes. Carlton Bloom was an artist in the episode “National Anthem.” We do not see him until the very end of the episode when he hangs himself. In this episode, a prime minister is forced to have inappropriate relations with a pig on national television. If he does not do this the princess, a beloved member of the royal family, will be

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