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  • Causes Of Boko Haram In Africa

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    Haram increasing presences, the issue is constantly growing daily and people’s lives remain under threat. One argument suggests that any attempt to successfully label Boko Haram as a terrorist group may be difficult to achieve, given that terrorism is “intended to be a matter of perception and is thus seen differently by different observers”(Cronin, 2004, p.40). More importantly, a group becomes a terrorist organization particularly when the state or even the international communities brand

  • Global Disaster In Munich In 1972

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    international terrorism, which is classified as unlawful use of force or violence against civilians in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives. It is clear today that the problem of international terrorism shall be reviewed as part of the whole complex of global problems. In this context the tragedy in Munich in 1972 is of a very peculiar nature, since it highlighted the contemporary features of terrorism. Since this Munich

  • Importance Of Government Essay

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    and population patterns, through unanticipated crises and to protect the national borders. Many countries in the world today, faces security threats from international terrorism, foreign subversion and espionage. For instance, the government has the power to check private communications between individuals as part of anti terrorism measures. It even has the right to detain without trial so that suspected terrorists do not have any opportunity to inflict substantial harm. For example, Internal Security

  • Impact Of Boko Haram In Nigeria

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    they have indulged in aggressive measures such as killing of innocent citizens and suicide bombing of UN building in Abuja in 2011.For this reason, unemployment, poverty and inequality are all one of the socio-economic conditions behind Boko Haram terrorism in Northern Nigeria. With regard to Northern Nigeria, one of the main

  • Cross Border Kidnapping In Malaysia

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    Crime has become a major topic in Malaysia. Formerly one of the safest nations in South East Asia, Malaysia has become one of the most dangerous states in the area. According to the government, there is actually doubled actually doubled from the year 2000 to 2009 of violent crime before declining. In the years 2013, the crime rates rise after the repeal of tough security laws which made it easier for police to confine people. Besides that, that are also the threat of kidnappings for ransom and violence

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hacking

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    INTRODUCTION: Fear arises from inability to deal with physical pain and psychologically it is inability to deal with unknown such as loosing something such as darkness death etc., Living in fear becomes a psychological disease found in people who live under suppression, oppression and ignorance. Fear alters the natural behavior of a living creature to make him or her violent or attacking. We know that animals, (snakes, dogs etc.,) attack due to their own fear. This type violent attack spreads the

  • The Pros And Cons Of Counterterrorism

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    the rule of law, and its people. He emphasises that these objectives outweigh the need of eradicating terrorism and political violence besides, it also can weaken democratic ideal. “Any bloody tyrant can solve the problem of political violence if he is prepared to sacrifice all considerations of humanity, and to trample down all constitutional and judicial rights.” In countering terrorism, there are two recognised methods namely, the war and criminal justice models. The war model recommends

  • Sectarian Violence In Pakistan Essay

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    in Pakistan is supported by Iran. Thus, gave birth to sectarian strife in Pakistan especially between Sunni and Shia. (Afzal, Iqbal, & Inayat, 2012) Due to sectarian violence many innocent people are losing their lives. According to south Asia terrorism portal 2009 report, total of 642 sectarian violence incidents occurred in 2002-2008 in which 1518 people were killed and 2817 people injured. The worst situation is in Balochistan where Shia Hazara community is mostly attacked by Sunni militant

  • Islam In A Bollywood Film: The Attacks Of 26/11

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    conduct of its worldly affairs. The central aspects of Islam’s intellectual heritage selectively repress important figures and disregard Islam’s impeccable history of adherence to the standards of law and justice in affairs of state. But nowadays terrorism propagated by Islamic fanatics, and extremists abiding to Islam are more prevalent. The most effective weapon used by these people is the weapon of Jihadi. The concept of jihad is indeed a Quranic one, but sadly, a false and twisted version of this

  • Discrimination Against Islamophobia

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    Islamic terrorism, the overly highlighted headline of every newspaper article. It usually corrodes the meaning of Islam and spreads a fear of Muslims in communities, increasing Islamophobia. First and for most, Islam is the religion of peace and Muslim belief is based on tranquillity. Terrorism is not peaceful and framing Islam is just history repeating itself, remember the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), didn’t they misrepresent Christianity? Nevertheless, whether terrorism has a religion or not is definitely