Terrorism In Nigeria

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Development of Ideas /Statement of the Problem Despite the fact that the world treats Nigeria as a regional and sub-regional leader and listens to her opinion regarding African and even world issues, there is a contradiction, because Nigeria is an underperformer in domestic affairs, with poor representation in international fore and poorly coordinated positions on many issues. There is also clumsiness in the nation’s intervention in security matters because some of the officials are sometimes lackadaisical and casual about issues. Sadly, terrorism in all its ramifications is a serious threat to any country’s national interest and foreign policy as it has both direct and indirect effects on international business (IB). It could be noted that…show more content…
Thus the focus shall be hinged upon the several regions and levels of the Nigerian government, where terrorism and terrorist acts has been the bane, and upon those areas that qualifies states and nation-states as sovereign entities, through policies that govern them. This is in order to understand the possible causes and origins of terrorism in Nigeria, analyze the purpose of the regions being attacked, and to ultimately ascertain the influence it has on domestic and foreign policy in view of economic, diplomatic and other relationships with other sovereign entities, so as to establish and secure stable and effective policy that is without sentiments, to the benefit and growth of the Nigerian state in those regards. Therefore the under listed is a framework of study guidelines that shall serve as objectives – 1. To investigate the regions of the state with the most recurring record of terrorists acts and establish possible causes. 2. To examine Nigeria’s domestic policy towards peace and conflict in economic and diplomatic areas, in the face of…show more content…
In what way(s) does terrorism influence Nigeria’s domestic and foreign policies and how can the effectiveness of its trade relation with other nation states be enhanced? Sub – Research Questions 1. How is the situation of terrorism in Nigeria, and what are the major causes of terrorism in Nigeria?"Accordingly, Chapter 2 will mainly discuss the situation of terrorism and its major causes. 2. How does terrorism affect Nigeria’s domestic and foreign policies in areas such as trade and economy, and diplomatic relations? 3. What can be done to eradicate terrorism negative influence on Nigerian domestic and foreign policies? Literature Review Many reports, dissertations and articles have been written on issues relating to acts of terrorism, including the domestic and foreign policies of various countries. However, pursuant to the topic, the literatures used for this study shall be taken from those literatures that are meant to educate all aspects of terrorism influence on Nigerian domestic and foreign policy in a bid to proffer solutions geared towards eradicating terrorism negative influence on Nigerian domestic and foreign policies which will in no doubt make the country attractive to investors locally and

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