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  • Existential Threat Theory

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    mediating the effect of symbolic threat and realistic threat on the belief turned out to be contingent upon the level of identity subversion, such that this mediation effect was significant only among Muslim participants with high identity subversion. Theoretical implications The finding in this study that emotion of dejection-agitation mediated the effect of symbolic threat and realistic threat on anti-West conspiracy theories was in support of the model of integrated threat theory (ITT : Stephan

  • Emergency Management Case Study

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    Chapter 1: The Historical Context of Emergency Management Emergency management started way back when Moses parted the Red Sea was consider as flood control device. Disaster has always been a part of society in the past, but it wasn’t emergency management it was just survival. The bible mention that plenty disaster had occurred back in that era. Communities has always trying to combat the disasters, but didn’t have that much success. Ancient History is the foundation of todays’ emergency management

  • Causes Of Poverty In ASEAN

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    people suspected of being involved in terrorist activities have been arrested, but there are more out there. In Singapore, there were 27 men from Bangladesh who were suspected of terrorism acts. Singapore has many foreigner workers from Bangladesh who work as construction workers in Singapore, therefore the risk for terrorism is also higher. In Thailand, intelligence sources have claimed that ISIS will be launching a major attack targeting the Western tourists which police say could be launched on resorts

  • Persuasive Essay On Video Surveillance

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    Video surveillance has become a widely used technique to enhance security in both public and private environments. This advancement have given the government the opportunity to observe individuals through street cameras, subway cameras, and just about any place you can think of. This gives rise to doubt and controversy to government claims that this resource is a way to protect society, and popularizes the underlying question of how crucial security is when it diminishes the concept of privacy. The

  • The Importance Of Fanaticism In Pakistan

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    more positive view of Pakistan in the international community and has catapulted us in the right direction of economic growth and prosperity, if we ignore the needs of our educational department we cannot move forward as a nation. The war against terrorism can be won if guns and bombs are replaced with pens and

  • Essay On Political Correctness

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    “The Problem with Political Correctness” Although trying to preserve people’s feelings is undoubtedly a good thing, political correctness has created this all encompassing idea that feelings are all important. In many cases explored later in this essay, feelings are preferred over reality and objective fact. Fat pride movements are evidence of the idea of feelings over reality. Fat pride movements essentially are just there to make fat people feel better about being fat. People don’t want to accept

  • Essay On Maritime Industry

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    According to iRami (2012) stated that the shipping plays an important role in world trade which is the backbone of the world economy. Recently, without these boats and vessels provide transportation services, many countries will be unable to participate in world trade and will not be as prosperous. From centuries past, the sea has always been important to all country at the world which as an important factor of economic development of every maritime country. The maritime sector contributes significantly

  • Difference Between Secularism And Extremism

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    International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security 2005, Kjell Bondevik, while speaking of religious extremism said “All religions can be misused by extremists who are seeking to find arguments for persecution or a holy war. History has shown it again and again. We have seen it in Christianity, in the form of the Medieval Crusades, and the persecution of non-Christians and heretics right up to our own times” (International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security, 2005). This shows us that

  • Essay On Why Guns Should Not Be Banned

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    know that there is a group of people in the United states that want the Government to strengthen gun laws even though that would violate our constitution right to bear arms. People want to strengthen gun laws to protect the people and try to end terrorism. When come to find out gun laws have been strengthened many times in our nation's history. On Friday, December 14, 2012, cauas wrang out in Newtown Connecticut when an elementary school by the name of Sandy Hook was broken into. There was a shooter

  • Ethnic Displacement In Pakistan

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    Ethnic cleansing in some states has displaced people however the case of Pakistan is relatively different. Displacement is a result of military operations against terrorists, terrorism being phenomena that has had debilitating effects on Pakistan economically, socially and internationally. Terrorism and counter terrorism has cost the country a lot in monetary terms and therefore to eliminate the threat militarization was necessary however the resulting displacement is of much concern to government