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Security culture is a broad realm that encompasses everything from nuclear security to personal security. Security culture can be defined as characteristics and attitudes in organizations and individuals, in which issues of security receive attention based on their significance. An important aspect of security culture involves security as inherent in individuals’ thoughts and actions, even at every level of an organization (Treijs 7). Taking this definition into account, how has France’s security culture changed since the terrorist attacks in the past several years? Furthermore, how will this change in security culture affect the government’s actions and society’s response to the government? I last visited Paris in 2010 and there have been…show more content…
In justifying the addition to the constitution of what to do during a state of emergency, Hollande stated that France would be given “adequate means to take exceptional measures for a certain amount of time, without having recourse to a state of siege and without compromising the exercise of public liberties." This statement was supposed to alleviate concerns that the government would not overstep its boundaries, but there have been criticisms which state that placing emergency procedures into codified law heightens the risk of the procedures becoming permanent. Amnesty International’s director Gauri Van Gulik expressed concern that placing emergency measures in the constitution to counter threats that are not clearly defined raises the danger that civil rights will be infringed upon. Amnesty International as well as other French NGOs have reported incidents where house arrests were done in an abusive manner and police raids were conducted violently (euobserver). Another controversial action taken during the state of emergency involved the closing of 20 mosques suspected of promoting radical Islam, particularly radical Salafism

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