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The Safety Net is originally published as Fürsorgliche Belagerung. It is an award winning novel originally written by Heinrich Boll then translated to English by Leila Vennewit. Heinrich Boll seems to use the method of moulding the situations more than telling the story in a traditional way in composing this novel. It generally tells the story behind the effects of the fright felt by the frightened or the state of the unreasonable feeling or false belief that there are people out there who doesn’t like you and, maybe, trying to hurt you or cause you trouble. This state affected the minds of the characters, filled with strong feeling of aversion and disinclination because of the existence of the “safety net” wrapped over their lives, supressing…show more content…
Sabine, his daughter, is locked and falling into a dull and loveless marriage with a man named Erwin Fischer, a man who lacks charm, intellect and saviour farie, and an obvious playboy who frequently and readily gets into relationships with women for the sake of entertainment and pleasure of sexual intimacy. As the hidden messages of the story slowly gains buoyancy, the audience would realize that Fritz Tolm daughter, Sabine, has been secretly developing and affair with one of the family’s security guard, Huber Hendler. Her secret affair with Hubert Hendle eventually resulted of her being pregnant by him as a consequence. This is one of the situation that shows their suffering from the provision of…show more content…
Their need for security have cost them so much that its traumatizing and ruining their lives becaue of the stress and anxiety they have to endure. I can’t even imagine how much each of us would do in our present time for our security. From the keyholes of the doors of our houses, to CCTVs installed monitoring us all over the city, to the supressed movement and restricted travels all for security. In our lives, the contradiction and argument between spontaneity and security has always been existing. Almost everything that occurs have risks that follows. People loses their lives daily just having a morning walk then going across the street, or maybe overcharging a phone then ends up burning a whole house. How do we determine if the risk is too much? Every one of us must find the answer for her or his own self, but at the same time reforming the system of socialization in which we grow define life more towards the safe zone, making other people take responsibility for an going out of the line is risk

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