Pros And Cons Of The IRA Bombing

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The Gunners Dream “The IRA bombing was one of the worst British Mainland Atrocities” Said Tom Whitehead, Security Editor at Telegraph Media News Group (Whitehead). This was one of the first attacks the IRA has done in London. The bombing is a lifelong memory of terrorism in London. On July 20th, 1982 at 10:40 a.m. there was a bombing in London. It was done by an unknown IRA agent (BBC). The bomb contained twenty five pounds of nails and twenty five pounds of C-4 High explosive material (Whitehead). The bomb exploded as the Royal Household Calvary, Blues, and Royals walked past (Cobain). They were part of the changing of the Guard Procession. The Bomb killed seven Soldiers and six horses (Whitehead). Several of those Soldiers had gotten married…show more content…
Sefton had over thirty different injuries, including twenty pieces of shrapnel all over his body. It took him a total of seven months to fully heal (Whitehead). His first surgery took eight hours to complete. The Doctors said that he had a fifty fifty chance of living. Sefton continued his service for two more years and died in 1993. His rider named Michael Pederson and was claimed a national hero. Michael got married and had two children. In 2012 he killed himself and his children. There have been many casualties yet this was only the first…show more content…
He too was released due to the Good Friday peace agreement. The case relied heavily on disputed fingerprints from the cars that were parked at before the attack. His lawyers said that he should not have to go through trial because he was one of one hundred and eighty seven IRA who was sent a letter making a “clear and unequivocal assurance” that they were not wanted by the police force in the UK. They were told that because of the promise the IRA made to the British government, which was to decommission its arms. The court argued that there was an error and Downy was not meant to receive the letter. The families of the bombing victims stated they were “devastatingly let down” when the prosecution was dropped

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