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  • Columbus Day Problems

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    Columbus Day: A Mistake Why should this day be celebrated in the first place? Columbus Day should not be celebrated, but should be removed. Although it might be nice to have the day off of work or school, the meaning behind this holiday is completely immoral. Technically, Columbus did not even discover the Americas because the lands were already inhabited. Columbus was guilty of the genocide of many Native Americans, or “Indians”, as they were commonly known as during that time. Columbus also did

  • Essay On Security Culture

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    Security culture is a broad realm that encompasses everything from nuclear security to personal security. Security culture can be defined as characteristics and attitudes in organizations and individuals, in which issues of security receive attention based on their significance. An important aspect of security culture involves security as inherent in individuals’ thoughts and actions, even at every level of an organization (Treijs 7). Taking this definition into account, how has France’s security

  • The Safety Net Analysis

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    The Safety Net is originally published as Fürsorgliche Belagerung. It is an award winning novel originally written by Heinrich Boll then translated to English by Leila Vennewit. Heinrich Boll seems to use the method of moulding the situations more than telling the story in a traditional way in composing this novel. It generally tells the story behind the effects of the fright felt by the frightened or the state of the unreasonable feeling or false belief that there are people out there who doesn’t

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Mass Media

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    We live in a day and age where we cannot escape news. We are constantly bombarded with a stream of information from televisions, radios, cell phones, computers and social media accounts. The purpose of the mass media is to inform the public about what is happening in America. However, this purpose is often twisted by bias. Politics and media are entangled with one another. Partisanship seeps its way into the news outlets causing them to report information that is in tune with their political bias

  • The Niger Delta Crisis

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    The Niger Delta – the geographical heart of oil production in Nigeria has been a breeding ground for militants and ‚impoverished ethnic groups‛ for some years now. This is because the discovery of oil and its exploitation has ushered in a miserable, undisciplined, decrepit, and corrupt form of ‘petro-capitalism’ which produces conflict accelerating factors. Devastated by the ecological costs of oil spillage and the highest gas flaring rates in the world, the Niger Delta has become a centre of violence

  • Violence In School Case Study

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    The Department for Education analyzed the behavior in such way,” There is violence and assault in our schools. NASUWT have estimated that there is one assault (verbal or physical) every seven minutes. A recent poll by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) found that 38.6% of respondents had dealt with physical aggression that academic year. Most reported incidents (87%) involved violence towards another pupil, more than a quarter involved violence against the respondent, with 44% of incidents

  • Black Mirror Analysis

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    There have been an abundance of theories orbiting that all of the Black Mirror episodes are associated. The theories chiefly state that the episodes occur in the same universe and simultaneously. These theories are compatible, because most episodes have easter eggs, hidden bonus feature that the viewer might not notice, from previous episodes. Black Mirror is a science fiction futuristic series, which mostly shows the dark side of humanity. They do not specify what year it is set in, however it is

  • Summary Of Irene Nemirovsky's Suite Française

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    The collapse of France during World War II was as abrupt as it was unforeseen. A major work of art that reflected the provocative history of France during the German occupation and the lives of the French captives was that of Irene Nemirovsky’s Suite Française, a book she wrote in 1941. Her portrayal of the women may have been diverse, but it didn’t do justice to the real French women who were left behind to not only serve their families as the men of the household left to serve the country, but

  • Factors Of Terrorism: What Causes Terrorism?

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    What Causes Terrorism? In a discussion of analysis of factors causing terrorism, it is often argued that economic deprivation is a key factor. Both Political Economists and Scientists have conducted research, keeping in mind this factor and many have arrived at surprising conclusions. Blomberg, Hess & Weerapana (2004) analyzes the significance of standard economic parameters like GDP growth per capita, investment on occurrence and severity of terrorist acts. They report that high income and democratic

  • Importance Of The Military

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    The U.S. military is a strong force and body that protects and serves the American people. Many people support the military and some even disagree with it. What people forget is that without a military the U.S. would be totally over run by foreign countries claiming ground. The military also helps with the nation’s economy boosting the balance of money in the works. Families have trouble with members who serve since there is always chance that they never return but it is because of their service