Domestic Terrorism And International Terrorism

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Terrorism is something no one ever wants to talk to about. Terrorism is the topic of so many heartbreaking conversations, but what is Terrorism? How is it defined? Is a man shooting a killing another man an act of terrorism? The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation splits terrorism into two categories domestic terrorism and international terrorism. They define International terrorism as Perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations (state-sponsored). Terrorism is organized crime. A Terrorist attack in 1972 munich summer Olympics sent the world into shock. The 1972 munich summer Olympics were supposed to be peaceful they were the first Olympics in Germany after the end of World War II and the death of Hitler. These Olympics were anything but peaceful. On the morning of September 5th 1972 eleven days after the Olympics had began…show more content…
Palestine terrorist part of the Black september organization ran into the Israelites apartments killing two of them and kidnapping nine others. In exchange for the hostages back the Palestinians wanted Israel to release Arab prisoners from jails in Israel. The palestinians tried to flee the country and eventually after a string of events and the 20 hour period 11 Israelites and one German police officer was left dead. This event forced the Olympics to rethink and transform there security at the games. The terrorist attack on the Israelites in the 1972 Summer Olympics affected the people of world by changing the olympics forever and creating a new form of global terrorism that had never been seen before, it had no regard for borders or for the innocence of its targets. No big scale terrorist attacks such as the

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