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Trends Increased frequency of holidays A main holiday that tourists would take would be abroad any others would be domestic holidays where they would be visiting friends or family (VFR). Nowadays abroad holidays have become more popular and cheaper and they are easier to book by going online, as a result more people will go on holiday abroad. When The holidays with pay act 1938 was introduced they encourages the two-week holiday. Domestic holidays have also become popular because some people want short brakes like Centre Parcs and Butlins. In todays society people have better working conditions so that tourists are allowed to take more holidays away and short breaks with their family Increase in holiday ownership Holiday home ownership…show more content…
They were based in Iraq but now as the Syrian war intensified Abu Muhammad al-Joulani and Jabhat al-Nusra in 2011 which became the main Jihadi team. In April last year Isis lost ground in Syria but they now control the eastern edge of Aleppo, Syria to western Iraq and the northern city of Mosul in these areas Isis has shown that they are merciless What are ISIS doing now? As of April 12th the Independent has stated that Isis has destroyed a 2,000-year-old ancient structure know as The Mashqi gate or Gate of God. This act is the latest in a campaign of cultural vandalism. Tunisia Last year, two major attacks on popular tourist spots killed dozens of foreigners in the country. In March, 22 people died when the Bardo Museum in Tunisia was targeted, and in June, 38 people were killed when a gunman opened fire on tourists on the beach in Sousse. The so-called Islamic State group, which now has a foothold in Libya, claimed responsibility for those attacks. There was criticism at the time of Tunisia's failure to deal with the militant threat. The instability in Libya has allowed that threat to grow and Tunisia has responded by building a trench along the border to try and stop fighters

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