Donald Trump False Cause Fallacy Essay

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Part A: Background of the persuasion Persuasion is crucial in personal relationship, professional life and in the society. In personal relationship, the emotional persuasion strategy is crucial in maintaining intimacy, a wide variety of occupations need persuasion skills in achieving career ladder. And in the society, persuasion skills are of practical uses to reach several goals. By examining the importance of persuasion through the speech of Donald Trump, political goals could be achieved by the mean of delivering a strong persuasion. In this case study, Donald Trump is the persuader who with high credibility in the society. He was one of the presidential candidates of America at that time. Hence, he earned a high reputation in both political…show more content…
Trump associates an ineffective immigration policy in the past with the sharp increase of radical, in order to proof that the old immigration policy leads to the appearance of radicals. He assumes that ‘after the old immigration policy launched, therefore, the appearance of radical, because of the old immigration policy.’ In fact, the old immigration policy could be one of the reasons leads to the breeding of radical, but there are still other factors are being considered as the real causes, such as social culture, national conflicts. If direct causality exists, more evidence is needed for proofing ‘more and more radicals occurred after the implementation of old immigration…show more content…
Trump misrepresents Hillary Clinton’s argument to make it easier to attack, in order to present his own as being more reasonable. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s actual purpose for having ban guns policy is to reduce gun violence and attacks caused by guns, aiming at protecting the safety of the Americans, but Trump distorts Hillary Clinton’s position, turning it into a misrepresented version: Hillary Clinton’s ban guns policy is aiming at abolishing the Second Amendment, equipping terrorists with guns and shielding all of them. It indicates that Trump intentionally distorts Clinton’s position in order to make it look illogical and

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