Islam In A Bollywood Film: The Attacks Of 26/11

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The Attacks of 26/11 is a Bollywood movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma released in 2013. This movie is based on the Mumbai Attacks that took place on 26 November 2008. The movie portrays the harsh side of the humanity and unravels the mystery behind the attacks. Moreover, the movie reflects the light on the ways jihadi is used as a weapon of mass destruction. This paper argues that how the movie “The Attacks of 26/11” portrays the way Jihad is fabricated from its original meaning by the terrorist groups in the name of Islam in order to deceive the innocent people to commit deadly attacks. Finally this paper aims at investigating the meaning and the use of the word jihad in the Holy Quran and how this word is deteriorated semantically in the movie.…show more content…
Islam upholds the values of reason, balance and responsibility in the conduct of its worldly affairs. The central aspects of Islam’s intellectual heritage selectively repress important figures and disregard Islam’s impeccable history of adherence to the standards of law and justice in affairs of state. But nowadays terrorism propagated by Islamic fanatics, and extremists abiding to Islam are more prevalent. The most effective weapon used by these people is the weapon of Jihadi. The concept of jihad is indeed a Quranic one, but sadly, a false and twisted version of this Quranic concept has been used by terrorists acting in the name of Islam to commit various terrorist acts. These terrorist acts, which occur all over the world, aim at the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. They are being undertaken in the name of “jihad”. These non-Islamic acts have gone a long way towards distorting the image of

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