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David C. Rapoport’s Wave Theory and Al-Qaeda To introduce you to the next section of the project I would like to outline the main objectives that would analyse Al-Qaeda’s terrorist group. The first point that I will bring would be a short synopsis on the Fourth Wave of terrorism accounting the analysis of David C. Rapoport. Secondly, I will answer on how Al-Qaeda has spread out in so many worldwide countries; analyse the network created by Osama bin Laden that has lead to countless deaths of innocent civilians targeted by this terrorist organisation. Rapoport’s Wave Theory According to David Rapoport’s analysis on terrorism there are four main waves of terrorism. He suggests that each wave belongs to a certain period of time and lasts about a generation long. Each wave that is present would have a certain energy that keeps the network…show more content…
The incentive structures of the society create productive, unproductive or destructive entrepreneurs (connectors/ messengers (a)). Based on Al-Qaeda and his connections, ought to provide stimuli for creative societies. In this manner that particular nation and culture would grow out of his ideologies and teachings, therefore would, how Gupta put it ‘produce creative entrepreneurs’. On this issue Al-Qaeda was very conservative, called ‘radical’ terrorist group. In theory it could only give rise to a society where entrepreneurs are unproductive and destructive due to the fact that expression of freedom is limited and there are institutional reactions on free ideas are not expressed openly. However in practice, there is a widespread feeling of failure and loss of self-esteem. Issues such as repression, unemployment, social injustice of housing, inadequate level of wealth, corruption bring about all the anger and limitations implemented on society. These all are gathered into a radicalisation of religious

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