Nationalism In The 20th Century

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The beginning of the 20th century saw a colonized world, with a few superpowers ruling the majority of the globe. The indigenous people of these colonies were usually oppressed and forced into some form of slavery. Although these people formed pocket resistance groups on occasion, they did not have a strong enough sense of national unity to cohesively fight against their colonizers, who always presented a solid, single front to any dissident groups. The superpowers, for the most part, tried to gain the trust, and subsequently land and service of the indigenous people through peaceful terms, then slowly indoctrinate them into the ‘proper’ way of thinking through education. Oftentimes, the colonial powers even managed to brainwash the indigenous people into…show more content…
The roots of terrorism In the 20th century, many nations gained independence from colonial rule, mainly due to the idea of Nationalism growing throughout the world. However, after gaining independence, the common idea that the people had held: ‘to be free from the oppressors’, became obsolete, and they found that there simply wasn’t a strong enough ideology to mollify everybody. However, the government had already been formed, and sometimes, it was geared towards satisfying a specific group within the nation, at the expense of another. Due to this, nations internally fragmented into smaller groups. This did not only occur in post-colonial nations, but, also in those nations in which the rising sense of nationalism enflamed previously calm groups into conflicting with each other. Sometimes, these conflicts became very violent, and some, or all these groups believed so deeply in their independence and nationalism, that they resorted to terror tactics to make their point. If these small groups identified themselves as separate from each other along religious lines, then they are known as sects, and the violent conflicts between different sects is known as sectarian

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