Sectarian Violence In Pakistan Essay

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Sectarian violence in Pakistan causes a great threat to Pakistan’s security and stability. This has created disturbance, hatred, violence and disorder in the society. Sectarian conflicts in Pakistan basically started after the soviet invasion of Afghan war and results in division of the society. Sunnis are financially supported by Saudi Arabia and Shia community in Pakistan is supported by Iran. Thus, gave birth to sectarian strife in Pakistan especially between Sunni and Shia. (Afzal, Iqbal, & Inayat, 2012) Due to sectarian violence many innocent people are losing their lives. According to south Asia terrorism portal 2009 report, total of 642 sectarian violence incidents occurred in 2002-2008 in which 1518 people were killed and 2817 people injured. The worst situation is in Balochistan where Shia Hazara community is mostly attacked by Sunni militant group. Since 2008, the situation escalated as several hundreds of Shia Hazara have been killed including the bombings in Quetta that happened in January and February 2013, killing at least 180 people. This has affected the social, cultural and economic life of Quetta’s Shia Hazara community. They have limited access to education and employment and also suffers from economic hardship. (“We are the Walking Dead” Killings of Shia Hazaras in Balochistan, Pakistan, 2014) Even…show more content…
The sectarian groups aim at disengaging people from their social network. Keeping this in mind they started degrading the faiths, beliefs and rituals of each other sects. In order to defame each other people started calling one another as kafir such as Maulana Jhangvi using slogan ‘kafir, kafir, shia kafir’ in his fifteen monumental speeches. In return most of the Shia religious leaders outburst at such slogans. Ultimately, the end result was nothing less than target killing and socio-economic anarchy in the society. (Khan & Chaudhry, MAJOR CONSEQUENCES OF THE SECTARIAN MILITANCY,

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