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  • Body Image Dissatisfaction

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    Physical dissatisfaction and a trend towards aesthetic concerns elevated to the peak in the last few years. Physical dissatisfaction in individuals grabbed the attention of many psychologists and neurologists and quite a many researches are conducted to explore this complex area. These concerns are surrounded by a trendy culture drenched in assumed idealization, and a never satisfying urge for physical appearance. Many individuals cannot break away from the feelings of being valued on the basis of

  • Albert Beck's Rational Emotive Therapy

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    in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) in 1913, in a Jewish family and died in Manhattan in 2007. He spent most of his time writing short stories, plays, novels, comic poetry, essays, and nonfiction books. A part of this facet was dedicated and involved in psychology. Next, I will present the studies and paths that led Albert Ellis to be what he became, an important 20thcentury psychologist. In addition, I will try to explain the idea of this author and parallel my position to it. He studied at Columbia University

  • Ronald Barthes Mythologies

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    Barthes introduces the subject of soap-powders and detergents by identifying the benefits and the aim. For instance, the detergents have the possibility to save miners from silicosis. Then he gave the main point of the essay that media play with the psychology and persuades the audience to purchase the product by relating it to the lavish life of a celebrity;“simply by using foam” and to the popular ideas and myth of society that the relation between evil and cure. He gave the example of ‘Persil Whiteness’

  • Academic Self Concept

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    Brittany Lamb 20150507 FPS 221E 21ST September 2016 It is believed that there is a strong link between self-concept and ones academic performance. The impact of the relationships formed with learners’ during the School Experience period shall be considered as one critically analyzes whether this enhanced or reduced the learner’s self-esteem; and what impact this had on their academic performance. Further discussions shall link the analysis with various theories whilst providing concrete examples

  • Essay On Everybody Dreaming

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    Does everybody dream? There are two types of dreaming. The type where you dream of swimming in the clear blue waters of Greece, or hiking Mt. Everest in the winter time. Everybody has dreams and plans of what they want to be, or what they want in life. And then there is the kind of dreaming as a person sleeps. A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur in the mind during different stages of sleep. Have people ever thought that sometimes they do not dream? The brain

  • Descartes Error: Character Analysis

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    If you’re asked to think about someone who is very rational, what kind of characteristics come to mind? Your imagined rational being will most likely be someone who is smart, logical and intelligent; someone who is objective and can be reasoned with; possibly someone who is balanced, levelheaded and stable. In other words, this rational someone won’t be very sentimental. I assume the person you’re thinking about will probably not be a hysterical emotional wreck! Why do I say this? Because the characteristics

  • Divine Child Analysis

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    archetypal stories of miraculous children ( for instance, the story of the conception and birth of Jesus) the appearance of the child heralds not just one new life but a new era. And so it is in dreams of this archetype, which Jung called the Divine Child. The dream image of such a child is directing our attention to the potential for a revolutionary shift in the dreamer's life. Lovers and Strangers Dreams of lovers can tell a woman about closeness or alienation between parts of the inner self

  • Foucault's Three Concepts Of Psychoanalysis By Sigmund Freud

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    all fundamental respects, can be traced back directly to Sigmund Freud’s work. Also known as the father of psychoanalysis, he formulated the theory that the mind is a complex energy system, the analysis of which was the focus of the field of psychology (Thornton). Michel Foucault (1926–1984) was a French historian and philosopher who had strong impact not only in philosophy but also in a range of humanistic and social scientific disciplines. He focused on questioning the modern human

  • Reflection On Personal Attitudes

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    Every day, humans experience attitudes. Typically, these attitudes hold a significant amount of power over the people who have them, able to affect their thoughts about themselves and their surroundings and how and why they behave in certain ways. Recently, I’ve noticed how much power my attitudes hold over me. In many situations, I’ve realized that my attitudes are holding me back from my full potential to feel joyful and to grow as a person. Particularly, I’ve found that if I have a certain attitude

  • B. F. Skinner's Theory: The Definition Of Malladaptive Behavior

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    One definition of maladaptive behaviour is that it is a type of behaviour that ‘inhibits a person’s ability to adjust to a particular situation. The individual falls into these behaviours in an attempt to escape discomforts in life. Instead of helping the situation these maladaptive behaviours make things worse. In the case of behaviours such as addiction it is a case of the cure being worse than the disease. Maladaptive coping strategies will often ease the symptoms but they lead to deterioration