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  • Discovering Psychology: Operant Conditioning

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    A particular idea that peaked my point of interest in chapter five of the Discovering Psychology book by Hockenbury & Hockenbury is operant conditioning. Operant Conditioning is a type of behavior that is learned through rewards and punishment, and regardless if it's a positive or negative behavior. Going into the concept of operant conditioning, there is an idea of reinforcement, and it has a positive and negative. The positive reinforcement will give something desirable and the negative will take

  • Characteristics And Comparisons: The Psychology Of Narcissism

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    their confidence is threatened - tend to exploit and take other people for granted. So what drives narcissists to be narcissistic? Can they improve on their negative traits? Here’s what W. Keith Campbell explains in one of the TED-Ed lessons – The Psychology Of Narcissism. To start with, Campbell talks of the myth that the ancient Greeks and Romans once had about someone who is little too obsessed with his own image. He cites mythological Narcissus - a handsome egotistical guy who rejected a nymph named

  • Christian Psychology Case Study

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    The Christian psychology (CP) approach to counseling espoused by Langberg (2012) is predicated on two presuppositions with the first being “…knowledge and understanding of the personality of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ” (p. 111) as an imperative and the second being that “…any Christian clinician should be steeped in the knowledge of the Word of God, both written and made flesh in Jesus Christ” (p. 112). Furthermore, those practicing CP should exhibit specific characteristics such as being mindful

  • Why Psychology Is Important To Me

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    I tend to be an opinionated person and I have many favorites, but I tend to keep my opinions to myself. Afterall they are my opinions and my favorites so not everyone will agree with them. I am not a picky eater and will eat just about anything so my favorite foods include any kind of pasta, Chipotle, Noodles and Company, Buffalo Wild Wings, or any kind of food my mom makes. Both of my grandmas and my mom are all incredible cooks and bakers, but that gene must have skipped my and went to my sister

  • Pop Music: The Issues In Cognitive Psychology

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    The topics in Cognitive Psychology As time passes by our music evolved due to the new genres that arise. Pop music is one of the motto of it to our brain that sets our mood, helps us concentrate and be productive. But not everyone accept the fact that music can help us do more or think accordingly. Some people consider pop music as a distraction to our cognitive development. There is a study that showed how pop music can affect the two types of person, the extrovert and introvert. The effects

  • John B Watson Research Paper

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    In 1913 at this university, Watson had a lecture named “Psychology as the Behaviorist Views it?” before he did this psychology was in disagreement over the ideas of the nature of consciences and the methods of how to study it. They were a numerous amount of questions. Watson answered some questions. He swore that the problem was the use of

  • Size Constancy And Perceptual Adaptation

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    feel disoriented, but after a while we will adapt and adjust. (Exploring Psychology, 215) Another one that supports his learning in perception would be perceptual set, which is a set of mental tendencies and assumptions that affects what we hear, see, and feel. In a picture of either a man playing a saxophone, or a woman’s face will depend on who you are and different people will see a different image. (Exploring Psychology, 197) One of these that refutes

  • Theories Of Behaviour Change Theories

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    Behaviour change theories are essentially the fundamentals of health psychology and interventions that focus on behaviour change are characterised by such theories. Like the basic ideology behind health psychology, these theories tend to focus on positive health behaviours rather than negative aspects of health behaviours. The major theories of health psychology fall into either one of two categories. Behaviour change theories are either cognitive or social cognitive models, such as the Health Belief

  • National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study

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    Such experiences include life-threatening events, sexual abuse, war and other events such as these. PTSD is common in soldiers coming back from the war and many often do not seek help. PTSD is a relatively new term in the field of psychology but has been referred to by people in the past as shell shock when describing the behaviour of soldiers coming home from war. Both the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have manuals of sorts to document

  • Cathedral Raymond Carver Analysis

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    was based off a screen. Although, later on in the story the narrator’s negative judgement was changed when their social interaction while drawing happened. The experience they shared reminded me of the lectures I had last semester in my general psychology class, of how certain experiences can lead to categorizing thoughts about genders, occupations, and ethnicities. Furthermore, the environment you grow up in has a lot to do with how you approach situations. The led me to the idea of nature versus