Roller Coaster Psychology Research Paper

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Psychology of a Roller Coaster There it is a two-hundred feet tall roller coaster, and you are going to ride the monster. The line swivels far past the entry gate. You are ready, you pinkie promised yourself you would go on the roller coaster. Then it happens, the anxiousness. You begin questioning, “Maybe I shouldn’t?” The line scoots up, people file behind you. I can’t leave now. I’ll look scared. You reach the slope leading up to the roller coaster. You continue debating with yourself. Before you can come to a decision, you’re at the front of the line. Someone guides you to the seat. You sit down and a safety belt lowers on to you. The roller coaster starts. There is a slow ride to the top. Click, click, click. The roller coaster reaches the top. It holds there for a second. WHOOSH! It falls forward. You scream the loudest you can. It swivels, you go upside down, you lose track of what has happened. Errrrch. The brakes are applied. You get off. In any ride, and with any person, psychology…show more content…
In the case of Jeff Skolnic from Psychology Today, he preferred not to have adrenaline rushes, but he stated, “Whether you like them or not [roller coasters], they, like a lot of things in life, can further your spiritual development.” He believed this for three reasons. One, as he drops down the roller coaster he feels all of his feelings and emotions are forgotten. He believes this is a great way to place your stress towards something fun. It helps him take a minute and recenter himself. Secondly, in his words, “They teach me how to better witness the formation of irrational thoughts that takeover my mind.” This falls along with his first reason in the way that he refocuses. The coaster clears his mind of all the fog in his brain. His last reason is very philosophical in his saying of it teaches him to open himself up to the exhilaration of life and to experience as much as he

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