Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis In Psychology

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Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction "I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me" -William Shakespeare In this world that’s full of ideas about "Relationship Goals" there are some people dreaming solely about their selves without any partner in life. When is the right time for love? Sixteen years old for a high school student? Twenty years old for a degree holder? or forty years old? They say that “Life begins at Forty” (Pitkin, 1932) due to the fact that there are great things about turning 40 (Dodd, 2014). They certainly imply to say that "Life begins at 40" but there are some people questioning…show more content…
Conceptual Framework The diagram above shows the procedural flow of the study. The input of the study will be based on the co-researchers’ lived experiences. The researchers will be conducting an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) by doing series of in-depth interview with each of the co-researchers. The series of in-depth interview will be considered finished when their answers are already repetitive. From the series of the interview, the researchers could then generate themes which could lead to the development of a theory about the lived experiences of mid-aged adult singles. Statement of the Problem This qualitative study aims to explore the lived experiences of middle age adult singles. The research main question is therefore: What are the lived experiences of middle-aged adult singles? Related to this main research question, the following areas of interests will be explored: 1. Why these middle-aged adults are still single 2. The advantages of being single in their age 3. The feelings and emotions of being single in their age Scope and Limitations The following are the scope and delimitations of this current study. 1. This research will cover the phenomenological life of middle-aged adult…show more content…
This study is significant to the following: 1. Middle-aged adult singles: This study will give them ideas on how to live their life better and on how they could cope up with the struggles of life. This will also show them their benefits of being single. 2. Other adults: The study will help them deal properly with middle-aged adults who are still single. This study will also give them hints on how to live single at their age. 3. Family members: The study will help them understand the circumstances facing by the middle age singles. And will enlighten them to give importance and value to these people. 4. Students and teachers: The study will have a big impact on educating people like students and teachers about the life of middle age singles. It would be a big step to open it up to the society that the tradition of getting married isn’t the only way to fulfil ones happiness and contentment. 5. Future researchers: The study will benefit the future researchers in understanding the experiences of middle age singles. 6. Society: The study will help us to understand the possible factors behind it and the problems facing by middle age

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