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Harsh Krishana 04/22/2015 Social Psychology Asiyat Magomaeva 12 Angry Men The use of the drama 12 Angry Men produced byidney Lumet in 1957 demonstrates a handful of social psychological aspects. This jittery, gripping movie, features a company of 12 jurors who decide the verdict of an accused murderer. Originally, eleven out of the twelve jurors supported guilty. Progressively, through passionate, heated discussions, the jurors are persuaded to a not-guilty conclusion. As the movie progressed, the film emphasized social psychological aspects like conformity, attitude change, and group process. When talking about areas of conformity in the jury room, social psychological traits like power of normative social influence and informational social influence developed through the research of Solomon Asch, Muzafer Sherif and others are perceived in this movie. Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is defined as a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of…show more content…
There were different aspects of social cognition that were present in this movie, including overconfidence, reconstructed memories, belief perseverance, and the use of heuristics, are represented in the juror's mentality. There was an argument among the jurors about whether the father had "punched" or "slapped" his son uncovers a remarkable similarity to the study on whether the car involved in an accident was "smashed" or "hit" (Loftus, Miller, & Burns, 1978). Without research done on social cognition we wouldn’t understand how people think or how social relationships formed. As human beings, we love to interact with others and meet people from everywhere. Going to a college in Midtown Detroit, I get to meet and see many people from different cultures and groups, and see how everyone interacts with each other. Learning about social psychology has taught me a lot about how we, as humans

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