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  • Exchange Theory In Social Marketing

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    (motivation, , learning ,and attitudes), Personal (Age and life-cycle stage, personality and self concept), Social (, family, roles and status) and last we have the cultural (Sub-culture, social class system).Exchange Theory has its foundations in psychology and

  • The Things They Carried Minimalism Analysis

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    The excerpt of “The Things They Carried” inspired me to write about minimalism and the burden that excessive amounts of possessions can create and how ultimately it can weigh down an individual’s happiness. It inspired me to write about this topic by listing off all the things the soldiers in the story had to carry and how much each thing weighed. It made me think about how unhappy carrying the heavy equipment might have made each soldier and how unhappy I was with the things weighing me down. To

  • Carl Rogers Interaction Theory

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    Rogers (1977) believed that with a proper psychological climate this internal inclination of the individual (personal power) can be released. Rogers believed that this growth-promoting climate has three basic characteristics: authenticity or congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathic understanding. If the aforementioned conditions were present in a relationship between facilitator and oppressed, student and teacher, counselor and client, the following would result: From a political standpoint

  • Sociological Perspective Sociology

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    The sociological approach focuses on religious groups and institutions (their formation, maintenance, and demise), on the behaviour of individuals within those groups (social processes which affect conversation, ritual behaviour), and on conflicts between religious groups (catholic versus protestant, Christian versus Muslim, mainline denomination versus cult) (Roberts, 1990). For the sociologist, beliefs are only small part of religion (Roberts, 1990). In modern society, religion is both a set of

  • Teacher Job Performance

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    Coble & Murray (1984) found that the most effective teachers were motivated self-actualizers themselves and by implication also the most effective school managers, enhancing the ability of their learners to become self-actualizers as well. Thus, if the education sector could have majority of the high self-actualized preservice and in-service teachers who can more easily and freely give of themselves to humanity more effectively than the average person’s then this could generate effective human resources

  • Media Habits Literature Review

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    It has been estimated that most of the media habits are habitual. This complex article goes in and out of media habits again and argument that will be made will synthesize current developments in the neurology and psychology of habit with recent observational proof of various fields on

  • Importance Of Character Education

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    d. To develop the ability of students to become a man of independent, creative, and have conception of nationality. e. To develop the school environment as a learning environment that is safe, honest, full of creativity and friendship, and with a high sense of nationality and full strength. Center of Curriculum Agency for Research and Development of the Ministry ofNational Education in the publication entitled Guidelines on Character Education stated that character education is essentially aimed

  • Foreign Expatriates In Malaysia

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    The topic of this study is determined the success of foreign expatriates in Malaysia. In the previous chapter which is chapter one , the researcher will discussed about the background of the study, problem statement, research objectives research questions, significant of the study and organizational of research. The chapter one represents as a basic and essential chapter for the following chapter in business research methods. Besides, in the chapter two, literature study on the success of job performance

  • Theories Of Planned Behavior

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    In health psychology, “behavior is central to health and illness and can be predicted by people’s beliefs using individual beliefs or models. (Ogden, Jane 28) There are many models of belief and behaviors that explain and analyze the strength of personal beliefs, attitude towards life and habits can have on a person. I will be examining our health beliefs through the theory of planned behavior or the theory of reasoned action. The theory of planned behavior “suggests that a person's behavior is

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Case Study

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    Entrepreneurial Mindset As much as entrepreneurial mindset is important for business success, it is also vital to understand the current level in each entrepreneurial community by identifying which factors are lacking that needs to be improved as a means to foster the success of entrepreneurs. The above statement relates with the fact that business success in the new economy is merely not a function of relevant skills; but requires people with entrepreneurial mindsets. A mindset is a person’s way