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  • Persuasive Essay: Mood-Booster Food?

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    Mood-Booster food. We all have those days when you just wanna punch someone on the face and scream. That awful grouchy feelings when you’re having a really, really bad day. It triggers when shit happens and sometimes it comes when you least expect it. For instance, you had a bad job interview, laptop got broken for an important pitch at work, hubby broken up with you the same day you just got fired from work, you’re hungry and late for your date, to add up to that, your PMS every single month.

  • Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power Plant

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    We know some terrible accidents were caused by nuclear energy, like Fukushima. Nuclear power plants emit energy by uranium’s chemical breakdown, which emits heat, and it makes water run faster in the pipes, which makes the turbine moving. In the 1940’s, from then there were several minor accidents like Fukushima in 2011, or Chernobyl in 1986. On the news, they said that the power plant emitted high amounts of radiations, so that whoever was in that place was not able to return to their home for

  • Locke And John Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

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    ideas. General words are not particular, they are not improper names, and has no existence on its own right. The idea that general terms explore what exists, and the efforts of making language efficient is examined through the ideas in Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book III. Locke’s theory explains why language primarily comes from general terms rather than names of particular things however he explains that some situations require providing names to particular things. General

  • Persuasive Essay About Gap Year

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    Education has never stopped becoming a matter of concern to the community. That’s why the issue of whether or not high school seniors should be engaged in taking a gap year has sparked a heated debate. Some peoples argue that having some fortifying experience is conducive to a teenager’s learning and self – development. Others, however, prefer the traditional way, committing to attend college after graduation as the wise choice. To initiate, the concept of “gap year” is known as a time out to travel

  • Persuasive Against Animal Testing Essay

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    Imagine a young boy happily frolicking in the leaves on a brisk fall day. Suddenly, he is gasping for air, because he’s suffering from an asthma attack. The frightened boy reaches in his pocket and carefully pulls out his treasured asthma inhaler. Taking a few puffs from this miraculous lifeline, he breathes easily again. Animal research is responsible for the development of asthma inhalers. Without it, this boy and thousands of asthma sufferers like him would be dead. Did you know that animal

  • Persuasive Essay On Seat Belt Safety

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    In this paper I will inform you on seat belts and seat belt law, and tell you how they really save lives. In 1949 American car manufacturers Nash offered seat belts as options. The carmaker Ford started offering seat belts in 1955 as an available option. In 1958 when the Saab GT 759 was introduced at the New York Motor Show in 1958 safety belts were fitted as standard equipment on cars, and after this show safety belts (AKA seat belts) became common. In 1968 it became a federal law that all

  • Persuasive Essay: Stories On Friendship And Forgiveness?

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    Stories on Friendship and Forgiveness Want your child to master the art of forgiveness? Read on to find inspiring stories that make it breezy to addressing conflicts with friends Friends are such an integral part of your child's life that they will shape his future character--more than you do as parents, the latest research says. Your child's friends mean a lot to her and only by interacting with her friends, she gains important social skills and learns to address conflicts. Conflicts are part-and-parcel

  • Persuasive Essay About Self Harm

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    Self-Harm=Game Over Have I ever thought of committing self-harm? Yes, in some circumstances. When you are surrounded by a lot of problems and you think there is no way out of it all you want to do is release your feelings. I once was living with my mom and my dad as a happy family all had changed when we had to move to Mexico my dad had to stay. I thought I had hit rock bottom, I was about to commit self-harm and there was only one person who I had trusted I told her and

  • Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay

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    Imagine not being able to legally marry the person the love more than anything in this world. Back in the 1900s people who were brave enough to identify as homosexuals were often seen as crimes against nature and were beaten, killed and tortured for trying to love the person they want to be with. Even people today have continued to be beaten, sometimes even to death, fighting for their rights to marry the ones they love. Growing up, people are told to never fight for arguments that are petty; but

  • Persuasive Essay: How To Prevent Bullying?

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    How to prevent bullying? What is bullying? Bullying is hurting someone unreasonably or to cause embarrassment. School is supposed to be a place where students should feel safe and sound. Many students have difficulty to go to school every day due to the bullying issues. There are three things that parents and schools could do to cut being bullied; keep an eye on your child’s social media networks, teach kids how to defense themselves, and bring back school corporal punishment. It’s important to