Persuasive Essay On Slopestyle Skiing

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The art of skiing has some minor risks while others take it to the next extreme. There are so many types of skiing like cross-country, freestyle, alpine, ski cross, nordic skiing, and countless more. Only one contains jumps and rails to test your skill. This would be known as Slopestyle skiing, it is quite a breathtaking experience just to see someone doing flips and tricks in the sky. But what would it be like in there shoes? What would it take to become an Olympian? I chose this because it is high risk and high intensity. Some have that bravery while others lack it. It is to show what it would be like, to be on the hills everyday training. To practice is going to mean you will fail, well not always. It tells you that you will suffer from…show more content…
Though the roots of slopestyle skiing is not deep it has meaning and so does the team that compete in that specific competition. Slopestyle Skiing was not brought into the Winter Olympics until 2014 at Sochi Russia. The U.S. team had won 3 of 4 gold medals in the halfpipe and slopestyle. The United State’s team is wishing to build upon the Olympics at Sochi and bring a new level of competition to the Winter games at PyeongChang in February,…show more content…
Skiers tricks are based off of spins, grinds, grabs, and flips. Each of the competitors are scored on four aspects, one being the height of jumps, the difficulty, their performance, and their overall approach. The absolute highest score someone can get is 100 points from those guidelines. Each athlete would perform twice and will receive a rank depending on their scores. To truly know how much time skiing takes up you may need to learn from personal experience or from someone

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