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A Life Skill to Learn People who swim regularly will swear by it, and there are countless articles on the internet about the physical benefits of swimming. A few strong laps will get your heart rate up, tone your muscles, and calm your mind. It’s well suited for people with existing injuries and reduces the risk of developing new injuries. Many people view swimming as a luxury or recreational activity, but knowing how to swim is an essential life skill for children and adults alike. It’s estimated that 80 people die every day in India from drowning. The World Health Organisation listed drowning as the third leading cause of accidental deaths worldwide in 2014. Parents are often scared to let their kids swim because they’re afraid the kids will drown, but not teaching them can be far more dangerous. Knowing how to swim can be a literal lifesaver.…show more content…
You don’t have to start with a swimming pool or even a kiddie pool for this, but can start at home with a bathtub. Make bath time a fun activity for babies so that they associate water with good memories. Let them play with rubber duckies, laugh a lot, and use bath time to make them feel happy and safe. Children get more scared of water as they grow older, so get them comfortable from the time they’re still very young. It’s “just” a bathtub, but that doesn’t mean you can leave babies unattended for even a few seconds. Always stay just an arm’s length away from the baby so that you’re around to prevent accidental slips. 1 to 4 years At this age you can take the child to a kiddie pool and “swim” with him. Going into the pool yourself will show the child there’s no reason to be scared of the water. You can submerge him in the water up to shoulder level, but make sure his face stays above the water. Hold on to his torso and encourage him to move so he associates moving his arms and legs with swimming and staying

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