Persuasive Essay On Valentine's Day

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As Valentine's Day approaches here are some options of what you can do to celebrate the day of love. Valentine's Day can be celebrated in many different ways. However, a common activity most people do is go out to a fancy romantic dinner. There are many restaurants in town that can be the perfect spot to take your significant other out on that special date. Trip Advisor has a list of the 10 most romantic restaurants in Gainesville, Florida. Ranging in prices, one out of the 10 is bound to be the perfect valentine's dinner date spot. Some of the restaurants have special events that they are holding specifically for Valentine's Day. Francesca's Trattoria is restaurant number seven on the list of the most romantic restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. Rated 4.5…show more content…
"People love to cook together, and they always seem to find fun and laughter along the way; it seemed a natural thing to encourage couples to start cooking together," Reeves-Gioviti said. There is limited seating available for this event and the cost to participate is $100 per person. Although many of these options sound enticing, there are some people that will not be able to celebrate Valentine's Day. "On Valentine's Day I plan on working at my job at the movie theaters; Fifty Shades Freed comes out on Valentine's Day, so I will be busy," said Kelsey Scarlett, a University of Florida student. "Afterwards, I plan on having a night in, completing any school assignments and getting ready for class the next day." On the other hand, there are people who although don't have a significant other they plan on making the best out of it with their friends. "Some friends and I are going to Swamp Head Brewery to their Valentine's Day event," said Victoria Ramirez, UF student. "We chose to celebrate Valentine's like this because we are single, and we enjoy drinking Swamp Head's

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