Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay

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It is ethical to genetically engineer children for non-disease traits. If it is possible to improve a child’s life before he or she is born, then it should be done. Nature can often be cruel; it may grant one child the gift of a perfectly functional body, while give another Tay-Sachs disease (a life threatening disorder). The child who was born with Tay-Sachs did nothing to deserve this devastating disease, which will cause the child to suffer and ultimately take the life of that poor child. Tay-Sachs is an inherited genetic disorder and it is linked with genes. The infant born with Tay-Sachs will gradually get worse and lose motor skill, lose their sight and hearing, suffer seizures, have intellectual disabilities, and die during early…show more content…
Genetic engineering can reduce the amount of children born with life-threatening diseases that have no cure right now. Along with decreasing the amount of children born with life threatening diseases, genetic engineering could also decrease the amount of children born with physical and mental disorders such as down syndrome. The technology to create a test that will be able to detect diseases with just a small DNA sample are improving, and there are already tests out there that can test for a few diseases. Healthier babies who are physically and mentally healthy can only improve society. Genetic engineering can also be used on plants, and could help provide a solution on how to alleviate world hunger. The world population is increasing each year, and this rise in population is going to require an increase in the production of food. Genetically engineered crops could help solve the problem of world hunger because genetic engineering allows the crops to have certain characteristics that only improve the crop. Genetically engineered crops can be created to resist pests and diseases, which will help boost crop success. Being able to resist pests and diseases allows the crops to grow

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