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  • Persuasive Essay About Climate Change

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    The facts and the truth about climate change is its real, its happening and we are the cause, we need to get over this problem. We all should start to make major changes to climate change quickly. Scientists around the globe agree that we now live in a world warmer by almost 1.4 degree Celsius. The predictions are alarming. The temperature is rising, each degree is critical now. In another 4-5 decades, glaciers in the Himalayas which is the source of water for millions of people could be vanished

  • Persuasive Essay About The Lego Room

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    When I was young, there were very few things in life that could compare to my love for Legos. In many ways, the small plastic building block toy defined my childhood. As a result of this fact, during every holiday for almost 10 years, Legos were a large part of the celebration. Eventually, though, all of these large sets, and ensuing celebrations, eventually became a problem. Because my own room couldn’t seem to fit the sets. So, in 2010, I came up with an elaborate proposal: to convert an unused

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Do People Smoking?

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    Why do people smoke? Although we know the bad results and what will it do to our lungs? Why do people always underestimate the person who smokes and looked them very low? Does everyone looks at that perspective way to every people that smokes? Well, not everyone would think that way but most of us only think about that person as a ‘bad guy’ to others especially to parents when they tell their kids not to befriend with those kind of people because they afraid that their kids would end up smoking too

  • Persuasive Essay: Why I Needed For A Scholarship

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    I am certain that La Salle’s Office of Admission receives a lot of scholarship requests and you are already familiar with almost all of the reasons as to why people ask for them. However, I believe that I should be granted a scholarship and this is the reason why. I applied for the scholarship because I truly want to help my father out. He has been spending his time working day and night. He even works on weekends and holidays just to provide for my family’s needs. At times, my father stays at his

  • Persuasive Essay: Should School Start Later?

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    It was 6:30 in the morning and my alarm had just gone off, I couldn’t fall asleep till about 11, as usual, and had not gotten enough sleep. School started at 8:30 but I needed to be ready by 7:20 so I wouldn’t miss my bus. Later at school I couldn’t focus because I was to tired and I noticed a lot of my friends had the same problem. Most teens need about 8.5-9.5 hours of sleep in order to function normally. Showing that schools should start later in the morning. Schools starting earlier is unhealthy

  • Persuasive Essay About Making Money Online

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    Most people conclude that making money online is very difficult and it cannot be done without having computer skills, knowledge of programming, and marketing experience; however, there is a specific formula that lets you earn money online without any of those special skills. The most rich and successful online marketers are using this exact formula, or some variation of it to make handsome full-time livings online. In fact, the median salary for an Internet marketer is over $80,000 per year. In

  • Persuasive Essay: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep?

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    For most of us in our lives we have been told "You're pretty for a fat girl." or "You would be so much more attractive if you lost weight." I have been told this by several people, wiether it be when I was in school, when I worked, or even by family. I have heard the saying several times in my life "Beauty is only skin deep." Only Skin deep- I used to think this was a compliment growing up hearing it from family or others. Of course they would all say how pretty my sister and I was but, they

  • Persuasive Essay On How To Lose Pregnancy Weight

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    Lose Pregnancy Weight If youve just given birth, youre likely to be full of the excitement and happiness that a new life brings. Youre also probably quite annoyed when you hear about another celebrity mom who seemed like they could lose pregnancy weight like it was a piece of cake. In fact, you may have even heard that they did it while eating cake! Heres the truth these celebrities have private chefs, doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers on hand. If thats not enough, a decent photo editor

  • Persuasive Essay: My Life In Today's Life

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    This past month went so quick. I am officially Emma Barnes, Sam hurt his arm. Been painting a lot. Thanksgiving is coming up and they want us to go have it with Sam. I don’t know. I am finding a lot of excuses to not go over there and wanting to be alone. When I have my talks with betty I don’t like when I talk about the past. Makes me feel sad, why can’t I just ignore it and move on? I avoid people’s eyes and hide behind my paintings or the pretend smile. Jill really wants to go to thanksgiving

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Animal Testing Should Be Stopped

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    Why Animal Testing Should Be Stopped Many companies out there test their products on animals without us even knowing. You would think your makeup brands and cleaning supplies are cruelty-free, but they are not! Here are a few makeup brands that I could find that are still testing on animals; Benefit, CoverGirl, Makeup forever, Dior, and Almay. Even your number one window cleaner, Windex is testing even their products on animals. says that Windex is tested "on the skin and eyes of the