Persuasive Essay On Concealed Shootings

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Teachers to Carry There was a time when your home and schools were safe places. That is no the case anymore. With school shootings like Sandy Hook and Parkland High, what can we do to protect our children. The only way we can protect our children is to have teachers carrying a concealed weapon at all times. When you go to school, you expect to be safe. You don’t go worried for your life. However, students are being harmed and killed. Simple lock downs don’t work to protect our children. During the Sandy Hook shooting teachers went on hard lock down and what good did that do? Innocent teachers and students died, and they didn’t even stand a chance. All they were able to do was wait either to die, get injured, or not be seen by the shooter. Before the Parkland High shooting, the FBI was watching this man, and by the time officers came it was too late. Seventeen people died…show more content…
These shooters know that no one is going to stop them until the police comes, so why not just cut the middle man out. If people know that school teachers carry weapons they won’t bother coming after them. How many shootings go on in a police precinct? People know everyone is carrying a weapon. Lets instill that mindset of, “you better not bring a gun because everyone has one for protection” into the schools. Teachers should be able to carry a gun to school to protect the students and themselves. School should be a safe place where no one gets killed, and to do that a gun would bring extra protection. Teachers aren’t little kids that don’t understand how much responsibility it is to own a gun. Why are we acting like they are? Parents should get a phone call of their child being hurt or killed by a shooter that should never happen, but when the only defense you have is to hide than those are the only outcomes. Stop a shooter before they walk in that’s what a gun will do for schools across the

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