Persuasive Essay On Work Experience

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What is your view on the real life’s work you are going to participate in? Uncertain? Insecure? Excitable? Chances are that you may not have a clear perspective in it. And that’s worrying, as you should realise by now, your time is drawing near. Now here is a chance for you to redeem it, by first identifying the problem, the next, action. The problem occurs on lacking of idea, and most importantly – experience. Oscar Wilde once wrote “Experience is one thing that you can’t get for nothing”, cleverly exhibiting its mighty importance and the right attitude to obtain it. The course of work experience is exactly for the remedies of these deficiencies. There are many instances, where many highly educated individuals struggle to find a job. Why?…show more content…
Obviously those are not all, and are as little as a few sand grains in a beach should every single benefit is to be told. But I could promise you what I have said are the big ones. And what I am about to say for the last few of mine are equally important to the rest, perhaps more, perhaps are the bigger ones. Self-discovery, it’s often neglected when it comes to such exploration of unfamiliar world of career – quite understandable, but the loss is not – the discoveries could be meaningful, even revolutionary, a thing one would regret to miss it. As, it enables you to have the ideas of the world, and yourself. These hold much inescapable influences over your life, including your career. Thereby affecting your career path – we will talk about that later. Those are its eminences. Chests under the sea, you could say, that await their finders. Whether yours could be found, it’s utterly upon you – using the chance of work experience, or not. Last but not least, as mentioned, is about the career path. I am sure you know its connection with the work experience here; it being one of the vital aims of this activity. I will explain more clearly the reason it is
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