Persuasive Essay On Child Abductions

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Kidnapped from their homes, the abducted children from the Al-Shabaab conflict in Somalia are forced to become soldiers and prostitutes. The children have no chance for education or freedom and have been stripped of their rights. Instead, they are put into labor against their own will. The boys ordered by the generals to torture and kill their friends and families. The girls involuntarily made to marry and have an affair with the generals (Somalia. U.S. Department of State). 300,000 children are kidnapped annually from the Al-Shabaab conflict with one third of them coming from Somalia. They are dragged to partake in the conflict with the Al-Shabaab. Most of the children are below 15 years of age (Farah). The abduction of children due to the…show more content…
The Human Rights Watch (HRW) can start a campaign to raise awareness about the Al-Shabaab abductions to make sure that communities acknowledge the dangers they are living in. Because more people are going to resist against the group, this will make the Al-Shabaab hesitate and consider stopping to kidnap the children. By raising awareness on this issue there will be a drastic decrease in the abduction as people learn how to protect the children in these situations and the children start to be aware of what they need to do (Bader). Most of the children do not know what to do and how to survive in these situations. The campaign will educate the people affected by the conflict on how to deal with such situations (Government of Somalia). This solution will help the families of the children learn how to protect themselves, therefore, most of them can live their lives without being ruined by the Al-Shabaab. For the HRW, to raise a campaign against child abduction is not only affordable but also can be done with the support of the people and communities. In order to raise a campaign and spread awareness, the support from the people is a necessity for the work of

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