Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Dreams In The World

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I am walking down the streets of my city with my headphones on, looking at the people walking around me, and listening to the lyrics of my favorite song. I see people rushing for work, children with heavy bags walking their way to school, some with smiles on their faces and some tired of waking up every morning, and then there is me, pretending I am the star of my own movie, music has always had this effect on my head, making me imagine and feel unreal situations, like a stimulation drug that moves your mind from reality. As walking and imagining all these things, with the sun bothering my eyes, I smile. I smile, waiting impatiently to see what lies ahead of me. I have never argued with my mother. The chances to win an argument against her are so small. Everything you say can and will be used against you. However, there came a day where I had to stand up for myself, for what I wanted the most… It was around 1 pm in the afternoon (can’t recall what day), and since I had just arrived back from school, I needed a well-deserved nap. My bed felt like the softest cloud ever existed on earth guaranteeing you the best dreams you could imagine. I felt like I could sleep for…show more content…
My mom heard me making my way to the bathroom, and came after me. By the look on her face, I knew something was going on. “Good morning mom. What’s going on?” were the words that came out of my mouth. She looked at me with this joyless expression on her face; and as she grabbed my hand, she pulled me through the living room were my dad was waiting. He had that same look. Something was wrong. My mom sat down and with a trembling voice she said: “Darling, I am afraid you will have to turn down the scholarship you have been offered. You might not be going to AUBG!” My dreams crashed. My word collapsed. I didn’t say anything to respond to my mom’s statement, and just left to get ready for

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