Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To South America

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The thick, humid July air nearly suffocated me as I walked back from the nearby beach to our vacation house in North Carolina. I swung the back door open and was greeted by the icy air conditioning. My sandy feet shuffled across the cool stone floor until they reached the bathroom. I flicked the light on. Wet, irritated, puffy eyes met mine in the mirror– they reminded me of red traffic lights. Still looking at my reflection, I repeated her words in my head: “I’ll be back to visit soon, don’t worry. It’s only for a year!” Knowing her dictatorial mother, who was always fulfilling her own personal agenda, I assumed the worst– she was not coming back. Talia, my best friend of 6 years, was moving to South America and she was not coming back. We met on the first day of 5th grade. As the new kid, I didn’t know anyone, so I awkwardly sat in the classroom at lunch. Suddenly, I felt someone tap my shoulder. A girl with long, glossy, dark brown hair and caramel-colored skin warmly invited me to play four-square with her and some friends. I desperately agreed. She asked me questions about my name and where I was from as we walked towards the door. I remember wearing the ugliest yellow shirt, but she complimented me on it anyway. Playing four-square became a…show more content…
This is another difficult thing to do for somebody struggling with anxiety. No one knew me as well as Talia did, which was terrifying because I had a nagging fear that no one else ever would, or would even care to do so. On top of this, Talia and I always came as a package deal– whoever was friends with one of us was friends with both of us. I was seriously concerned that now that she was gone this would be a problem since I often felt that she was the better half of our two-for-one deal. Despite my fears, my shallow friendships blossomed beneath the glowing sun, and the healing process

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