Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In Love

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For seven months of my life, I thought I was in love. He was perfect in my mind; we could spend days together without getting bored of one another. Eventually, things turned sour as he became toxic and began to show sociopathic behaviors. He started to cancel plans with me, just to get high with his friends. He started to ignore me for hours with no regard to my fears of abandonment. A few days after Thanksgiving, I had a mental breakdown. He told me that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and when I asked why, he could not give me an answer. This was the spark to the ticking time bomb that I would soon become. Being abandoned by someone that I considered my first love left me thinking that I did something wrong. Each day that I spent alone at home, I engaged in various methods of self harm, whether literal, drug use, or just pure isolation. I wanted to physically show the pain I was feeling; but not for anyone else's attention except my own. For three days in a row I tried to see how close to death I can get. I couldn’t bring myself to eat, so day by day I became more pale and skinny. The bags under my eyes grew darker and darker, as I only slept for an hour each day. On the third night, I thought that I finally had enough.…show more content…
I walked into my small kitchen and grabbed three bottles of medication, in addition to a Russian bottle of vodka. I took all of my supplies and sat down on my bed. I stared at my white walls and realized that I was not afraid of dying, which scared me the most. I took dozens of pills followed by massive gulps of vodka in the calmest manner imaginable and went straight to

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