Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Home

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One of the first things that I do once my father gets home is to just go to my room and wish I wasn't there. Every day there's always a fight about something currently it's about him not wanting me to work on the weekdays because of school. What he doesn't know is that it's been like that for months now because of it. My parents argue about wants and need, and blame. Blaming each other for ones injorances, or not doing what is asked. When the arguing starts i go to my room out on my headphones and try to ignore what's going on just a few feet away from the room that's mine. It's the place where i can get away from it and just try to relax. It was never always like this there was a time where they did get along, but it wasn't for very long. When I was young i'd loved hangout with my father. We would go out hiking and fishing, just spending time together, my mother never came with us all the time because it was hard for her to do all of the physical activity but we would always go out to eat on sundays as a family. I miss those times, the laughing and talking about our day and how we were doing. Those were the times that i loved, when we're a family and that we didn't have to keep secrets from each other just to keep the peace at the house…show more content…
and the decisions that he made when he was there, changed our family for the years to come. When he was there he had met a women to which he had returned he said that he would marry. My mother had refused to sign the papers for a divorce to do him wanting to stay with us with the girl he wanted to marry. My mom in no way would have had that happen, as time moved there was no more talk of this. He told the women he was going to marry that is can't happen and that was the end of that. That was the start of our family falling apart there was only more to come as time moved

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