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  • 4th Amendment Research Paper

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    Amendment” written by The Editorial Board, a police officer uses a thermal imaging device to catch criminals who have been growing the illegal substance marijuana in their homes . “In 2001, the Supreme Court held that a person has a “minimal expectation of privacy” in his home that the police had violated when they conducted a search for marijuana using a thermal imaging device from outside the home.” Is an excerpt from the article explaining a ruling that was made in 2001 (The Editorial Board)

  • Tourism In The Bahamas Essay

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    Reliance on Tourism stifles economic growth in The Bahamas. We are a nation that is made up of 700 islands and keys. Economic growth means an increase in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and an increase in national output and national income (Economics Help). The Bahamas economy is based primarily on tourism, offshore banking and construction. The agricultural and industrial/manufacturing sectors are comparatively well. Tourism generates more than half of the total GDP and directly employs roughly

  • 7th And 8th Graders: Why Alcohol Is Bad For Their Body

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    The most general argument I can give to 7th and 8th graders is to not start drinking and doing drugs. A depressant calms down the function of the central nervous system. For example, alcohol impairs the brain by affecting the way it works. Ones mood and behavior can change, and make it harder to think clearly and move with coordination. By this information, I would hope that they have a better understanding of why alcohol is bad for their body. Additionally, I would tell them that stimulants are

  • Victimless Crimes Due To Drugs

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    these crimes should remain illegal due to drugs, there has been a big "war on drugs" making all drugs like for instance cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills have been illegal for the past forty years, it has been evolving from time to time now and since 2 states have made it legal for recreational use it is believed to have collected 100 million dollars in taxes over marijuana. The action itself is not a problematic issue for as it is a personal choice within that person's actions, Its true it does

  • Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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    The Declaration of Independence United States citizens are only allowed to legally smoke marijuana in 5 out of the 51 states according to the Washington post. The Declaration of Independence states that citizens of the US have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Citizens do not have unalienable rights to life and liberty. Although citizens do not have the right to life and liberty in reality, we do have the right to pursuit of happiness. One argument that supports the

  • Essay On Brain Imaging Technology

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    Discuss the use of brain imaging technology investigating the relationship between biological factors and behavior Brain imaging technologies are used at the biological level of analysis. They are methods used to examine the human brain. This type of research, not being experimental, is very useful in neuropsychology because it provide an opportunity to study the activity of the brain. It helps researchers to study different localization of function. It also provides correlations between activity

  • The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction

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    Without a doubt, drug addiction is a major problem in the United States. When someone is caught with drugs in their position in the U.S. they are punished by getting sent to prison for several years. Drug addicts are punished and made to suffer. This is done to hopefully serve as an incentive for them to stop using. Johann Hari suggests that perhaps our country’s approach to dealing and treating drug addicts is really only hindering them, instead of helping. I will discuss my thoughts about decriminalizing

  • Essay On How Drugs Affect The Brain

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    We all hear about drugs, but many of us never stop to think: What are drugs really? A drug, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and aspirin, is a chemical that affects the way your body functions, especially the brain, as it is the hub of all bodily actions. The Human Brain is the core of the nervous system, it is made up of millions of nerve cells. The Brain allows us to think, talk, respond, create, and much more. So, how do drugs affect the way it functions? Many drugs have different effects

  • Drugs In Our Daily Life

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    of side effects. Brain damage can causes a person that cannot speak or read correctly. Basically, it will makes your brain not function in right way. Heart problems causes that one of the reasons while you smoke cigarettes. If a person is smoking marijuana and suddenly the person cannot breathe. The person cannot breathe due to his or her heart has stopped working as well as he or she is having a heart attack. Drugs has kills around 600,000 people every year. A survey showed that every time you use

  • Drugs In The 1800's

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    2015). Anslinger molded America’s drug policy and throughout his time working, drugs were progressively criminalized. Under his tenure he created The Boggs Act of 1951 and The Narcotics Control Act of 1956. These two acts increased the penalties for marijuana use and created harsh and oppressive anti-narcotics legislations. Some of the legislation included regulations such as: eliminating discretions to suspend sentences or permit probation, exclude parole to only first time offenders convicted of possession