Declaration Of Independence Research Paper

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The Declaration of Independence United States citizens are only allowed to legally smoke marijuana in 5 out of the 51 states according to the Washington post. The Declaration of Independence states that citizens of the US have unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Citizens do not have unalienable rights to life and liberty. Although citizens do not have the right to life and liberty in reality, we do have the right to pursuit of happiness. One argument that supports the fact that citizens don’t have the right to life is that abortion isn’t allowed past 20 weeks after conception. A subject that supports the right that citizens have the right to the pursuit of happiness is that the government made same sex marriage legal. Lastly, some topics that support the fact that citizens don’t have the right to liberty is that marijuana is only legal is a few states and we are not allowed to practice religion in school.…show more content…
If citizens had the right to life then they would be able to have an abortion whenever they felt it to be necessary. The states that 41% of death penalties appointed in the U.S came from Texas. Another topic that’s suggests that humans don’t have the right to life is the death penalty. The government shouldn’t be able to take away a life regardless of what that person may have done. If a person murdered someone they should have to spend the rest of their life in prison rather than the government taking their life
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