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Josephine Schneider Mr Hurst MEC English 2C 11 June 15 Fourth Amendment Essay Final The United State’s 4th amendment implies “a right to privacy” . Modern age technology has made it easier to hide crime and corrupt youth . Investigations walk on a thin line between violating and not violating the amendment today . This essay will hold the position of believing the 4th Amendment should be violated under certain circumstances, and the counter argument it should never be violated. Many crimes can be prevented if certain measures are taken . In the article,”Drug Sniffing Dogs and the Fourth Amendment” authored by The Editorial Board, a drug dog search was ruled to have violated the 4th amendment (The Editorial Board) . “The supreme…show more content…
With this information, we can concur criminals can avoid the law with the time needed to process a search warrant, resulting in unprevented crime . If the fourth amendment should be able to be violated, then there would be no need for search warrants and evidence found would not be invalid . This leads to further evidence as to why crimes could be prevented if the fourth amendment should be violated . In the same article “Drug Sniffing Dogs and the Fourth Amendment” written by The Editorial Board, a police officer uses a thermal imaging device to catch criminals who have been growing the illegal substance marijuana in their homes . “In 2001, the Supreme Court held that a person has a “minimal expectation of privacy” in his home that the police had violated when they conducted a search for marijuana using a thermal imaging device from outside the home.” Is an excerpt from the article explaining a ruling that was made in 2001 (The Editorial Board) . This…show more content…
In the article, “Police Seizures of Text Messages Violated the Fourth Amendment , Judge Rules” written Jon Brodkin, crucial evidence found on a cell phone for a murder case was made invalid because the officer did not have a search warrant (Brodkin) . The judge, Judith Savage, threw out the evidence and even the confession of the murder all because she believed that texts are deserving of the Fourth Amendment Rights (Brodkin) . The text messages contained evidence suggesting that the criminal could have been facing a lifetime sentence locked up for murder . We can predict that if the fourth amendment right would have been allowed to be violated, then the criminal would have been paying for his crimes in prison.Further evidence from the article, “Drug-Sniffing Dogs and the Fourth Amendment” authored by The Editorial Board touches on a case in which police officers use a thermal imaging device from outside a suspect’s home to see if they are growing marijuana (The Editorial Board) . To analyze, growing marijuana is illegal in certain states, and criminals should be prosecuted for their unlawful actions . We can predict that if the violation of the fourth amendment were to be allowed, then the criminal in this case and many others would have been apprehended and many more crimes would be solved

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