Drugs In Our Daily Life

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Drugs are chemicals that will make a people feel ecstatic, excited and not awake during limited period of time. Drugs also will impact on the neurochemical balance in the brain which directly change and affect the way of a person’s body as well as mind works. Drugs are harmful to people which damage our brain, heart and other important organs as well as lots of side effects. Brain damage can causes a person that cannot speak or read correctly. Basically, it will makes your brain not function in right way. Heart problems causes that one of the reasons while you smoke cigarettes. If a person is smoking marijuana and suddenly the person cannot breathe. The person cannot breathe due to his or her heart has stopped working as well as he or she is having a heart attack. Drugs has kills around 600,000 people every year. A survey showed that every time you use a drug, you are killing yourself. Drugs can respectively into two categories such as for medicine and another is illegal use also known as drug addiction.…show more content…
Coffee has contains caffeine and it is also a form of drug that can produce a mild form of drug dependence. Caffeine might causes you hyper, sleepiness, headache and irritability. Nowadays, a lot of people like to drink coffee due to release stress on their workplace or get more energy on their mental and body that to complete their project on time. Therefore, they need coffee to help and support them work on daily. But actually caffeine is not good to our health. If a person drink too much, it will causes the person some symptom which is jitters, insomnia, diarrhea and heart beating too fast. Therefore, coffee lovers should reduce the amount of drinking coffee to avoid happen that kind of symptom in your
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