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  • Drug Addiction In The 19th Century Essay

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    Still from 1842 until the 1980s, marijuana, generally called Cannabis Indica or Indian Hemp extractums, was one of the three items (after alcohol and opium)was the most used in patent and prescription drugs. They were used in in massive doses, usually by oral ingestion. The doses given during the 19th Century to American infants, children, youth, adults, women in childbirth, and senior citizens, in one day, were equal to a current moderate-to-heavy American marijuana user that probably consumes in

  • Indigenous Workers In The Film Blow

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    While a movie’s main purpose is to entertain the audience, Blow is not only entertaining but also very informative as the film gives an inside look into what goes on in the drug trade. The opening scene depicts indigenous workers in a tropical rain forest faming the land and picking crops but then goes onto show all the crops they’re working are in fact cocaine crops. These indigenous workers are the ones working behind the scenes in the cocaine drug trade. They are the people who not only supply

  • Persuasive Essay On Drug War

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    America has been in a state of war for most, if not all, of my life. I was born in 1985, during the Ragan years, when we were fighting the Cold War against the Soviet Union and Communism. During the presidency of George Bush Sr., I saw the Invasion of Panama in 1989 and the first war in Iraq in 1991 ("chronology Of U.S. military interventions | Give war a chance | FRONTLINE | PBS," n.d.). During The presidency of Bill Clinton, I saw conflicts in Somalia and Bosnia and the invasion of Haiti ("chronology

  • Social Learning Theory

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    particular broad general learning theory that is reminiscent of vocational learning. The first condition for learning that Becker establishes in this article on marijuana use is that first an individual must learn the technique, in much the same way a worker might learn a trade. In my cases this was bar tending. Where as the marijuana user must learn certain nuisances such as how to inhal, hold the joint or keep is finger on the carb in order to master the technique of smoking, I had to develop

  • Amber Ostrom

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    a non-toxic plant medicinal plant, Cannabis sativa, got the ball rolling. It began when the people of a Colorado town bucked the state trend and voted to eject all of the town's legal marijuana businesses, one of which was Amber's. Amber was not just a Cannabis business owner, she was a patient who used marijuana to prevent epileptic seizures with minimal side effects. With her business gone, she thought about Georgia's health as well as her own, and

  • Juvenile Gang Theories

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    members were commonly found in smaller cities and rural counties rather than larger cities and suburban counties (National Gang Center). Gangs are a major distributor of illegal drugs. Common drugs produced and sold by a variety of gangs are cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines,

  • Why Do Liberals Favor Affirmative Action?

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    1. affirmative action I think a Liberal would favor affirmative action, because minorities were deprived of certain privileges in the past, we need to make up for that until everyone is treated equally. A conservative would most likely believe affirmative action is wrong, that society as a whole is not racist. I believe in affirmative action, although modern times are not as cruel as the past, there is still a large amount of discrimination in people’s daily lives. 2. gun control Liberals usually

  • Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Drugs

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    Legalizing drugs doesn’t solve anything, it only makes problems worse. All drugs modify the human brain by creating an intense feeling that you can achieve again and again by increasing the dosage ( If drugs get legalized it will increase drug use and lead to more deaths from drug overdose. Under legalization the prices for drugs would be lowered by a lot from what they already are. This will increase the population of people who use drugs because of how affordable drugs will become

  • Persuasive Essay About Tattoos

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    properties can’t be easily dismissed. It has been proven to aid with anxiety, nausea, chronic pain and even diseases such as Depression and Glaucoma. In some states in America people can obtain a script for medical marijuana

  • How Do Police Dogs Violate The Fourth Amendment

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    In the 2004 case of Illinois V. Caballes a drug dog alerted the police of marijuana in Roy Caballes car trunk. The Illinois court convicted Caballes of cannabis trafficking. Caballes appealed and argued the search violated his Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. The conclusion for the case came