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Discuss the use of brain imaging technology investigating the relationship between biological factors and behavior Brain imaging technologies are used at the biological level of analysis. They are methods used to examine the human brain. This type of research, not being experimental, is very useful in neuropsychology because it provide an opportunity to study the activity of the brain. It helps researchers to study different localization of function. It also provides correlations between activity and behavior though it does not necessarily show a cause and effect relationship. However, different brain imaging technologies have helped us discover a lot about the brain activity. This method is non invasive which is ethical and practical. I will be looking at four different brain imaging technology; CT scans, MRI, fMRI and the PET scan. The CT scan is an X-ray imaging technology that produces a 3D image of the brain. This shows human bones but not soft tissues. This allows researchers to gain information about changes in brain…show more content…
The fMRI detects blood oxygenation compared to the MRI, which detects magnetic field. This method is non-invasive compares to the PET scan. It can record singles from all region of the brain unlike the EEG. It is easier to look at localizing activity during task and more precise then with a PET scan. However, the CT scan produces an image that must be interpreted since correlation does not imply causality. The focus is more of localized function in the brain and does not take account the distributed nature of processing. A study done with the fMRI was a famous study by Harris. His aim was to find a biological correlation of stereotypes and prejudice. He used the fMRI to study student’s brain processes when showed a picture of typical ethnic groups Results showed that the brain region related to disgust was active showing a dehumanization of the

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