Tourism In The Bahamas Essay

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Reliance on Tourism stifles economic growth in The Bahamas. We are a nation that is made up of 700 islands and keys. Economic growth means an increase in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and an increase in national output and national income (Economics Help). The Bahamas economy is based primarily on tourism, offshore banking and construction. The agricultural and industrial/manufacturing sectors are comparatively well. Tourism generates more than half of the total GDP and directly employs roughly half of the total workforce (Bahamas Handbook). We can invest into other industries that will in return amplify our economy. Here are a few examples, Developing Grand Bahama, Eluethera, Andros and Abaco is a start to help the agricultural sector. Our government should not only help with providing land but help farmers with machinery and a small capital. This in return can help Bahamians to have less imports as it relates to crops, livestock and dairy. In Inagua, there is a Morton Salt company, we don’t have a factory where we can supply and package the salt. We sell our salt for a few dollars to larger companies that can…show more content…
There are many factors that contribute to this problem but the main causes are: treacherous crime rates, lack of culture and lack of diversification. If crime continues to increase, this can cause tourism to decline because less tourist will be travelling here by reason of violence. A lack of culture means we do not take pride in ‘All Things Bahamian.’ We acknowledge other countries’ background without accepting our first. Tourist should be able to leave The Bahamas learning something new about the country. Moreover, lack of diversification means there are undeveloped sectors. The main focus is on Tourism while others industries inclusive of banking, agriculture and construction are suffering. If we can collectively fix these problems, we will have a thriving

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